The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

165: Offer Online Yoga Masterclass with Shannon Crow & Amanda McKinney



Living in this crisis state of the global COVID-19 pandemic is becoming our new normal, and as yoga teachers, we are all trying to adapt. More of us are switching to offering yoga online, and this can be a challenge to most, if not all of us. Recently, Shannon got together with her biz bestie Amanda McKinney to host a masterclass on the topic of offering online yoga.


This is a replay of that masterclass in which Shannon and Amanda answer some of the questions they were receiving from yoga teachers who wanted to know how to get online and teach online in a really quick way. On this episode, Shannon and Amanda outline the first steps to get started in taking your yoga online and offering yoga to your students virtually.


Regardless of whether you’ve never done a live video on a social media platform or you’ve had some experience on video and want to offer group or 1:1 lessons on Zoom, or you want to go to the next level by putting your videos on YouTube – this episode is for you.


Key Takeaways:

[7:35] Shannon introduces the topic for this episode – a masterclass about offering yoga online.

[9:12] Offering yoga online is all about taking it step-by-step, starting with what you have.

[10:16] Level 1 – If you’ve never worked with video before, this is where you can start.

[11:24] Where should you start? Amanda recommends starting with live videos for a variety of reasons.

[13:06] Shannon has some tips about going live.

[16:56] Level 2 – You’ve worked with video before and are more comfortable with it, but you’re looking for an option to work with students either 1:1 or in a group setting. This is where you can use Zoom.

[18:36] Shannon highlights how useful having a recording of your classes can be.

[21:50] How can you use Apple TV with Zoom?

[25:10] Should you be offering yoga for free or charging the same?

[28:01] Amanda suggests finding a partner to practice with Zoom before launching it to your students.

[31:50] What tech should you use to take your yoga classes online? Use what you have!

[33:59] The next level is using YouTube, which can be a fantastic resource.

[37:58] There are many benefits to YouTube but you have to decide what’s best for your students right now.

[39:16] Shannon shares some of the feedback from yoga teachers who have started teaching online after this Masterclass.

[41:50] Shannon shares more about her new idea, The Connected Yoga Teacher Collective (TCYT Collective).



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Quotes from this episode:


“Start free, and start where you’re comfortable.” – Shannon


“What people really want is connection.” – Shannon


“Don’t assume that your students don’t know anything about technology.” – Amanda


“We do things for free all the time, but make sure that you are also taking care of your business as well.” – Amanda


“Use what you have to figure out what you need.” – Amanda