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 161: Get Your Yoga Online in 48 Hours with Jennie MacGoy



The situation with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is spreading quickly across the world, is rapidly changing. Many places are on complete lockdown, with many more people practicing social distancing in the interest of safeguarding their health and that of everyone around them. In this context, in-person yoga classes may not be feasible or safe for the moment.


Jennie MacGoy has taken her yoga business online in just 48 hours, and on this episode she shares her experience and the insights she has gained from it. Jennie is a Yoga and Functional Movement instructor and an Accessible Yoga ambassador who specializes in working with people who are dealing with chronic pain. She typically offers in-studio classes, but in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, she made the decision to start offering all of her classes virtually.


Transitioning from in-person classes to 100% online classes is not easy, but Jennie has managed it in just 48 hours. She explains how she made the first decision to switch to virtual classes, some of the technology that she is using in her classes, and the logistics of running online yoga classes.


We all need to change and adapt to this new situation – this episode is a great introduction to how to make the switch from in-person to online classes. Be sure to also check out the other resources around how to manage the COVID-19 situation in the links below.


Key Takeaways:

[2:47] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Jennie MacGoy.

[5:52] Last week, Jennie sent out an email to her students saying they weren’t going to be using any props. How did her students receive that, and how did Jennie manage her classes without props?

[10:05] Jennie’s students weren’t skipping the class because they were afraid. What made Jennie decide to move her classes online?

[12:55] How are Jennie’s students’ reacting to the Zoom classes?

[14:17] Jennie explains some of the tech behind running her classes virtually.

[20:48] How does attendance work for Jennie’s classes?

[23:17] Schedulicity is waiving all fees for 3 months!

[26:13] Shannon and Jennie discuss how taking her yoga classes online is impacting her students, and her business.

[33:20] Where can you sign up for one of Jennie’s classes?

[34:15] Shannon and Jennie brainstorm some ideas to create a sense of community in a virtual class.

[35:41] Is Jennie recording her virtual classes?

[37:25] Jennie shares some of the challenges she has faced in getting her yoga online.

[40:04] Shannon and Jennie share some of their thoughts around the evolving situation and how taking your yoga online may play out.

[42:19] Shannon reflects on this interview with Jennie, and the current situation.



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Quotes from this episode:

“How can I, in good conscience, continue to bring people together?”


“[My students] look forward to eventually all of us coming back together in person, but for now, it’s fine.”


“We have to go virtual.” 


“I thought it was just much more important to jump in and start doing it.”