Milestones of My Yoga Business160: Milestones of My Yoga Business with Shannon Crow

Where were you when you first began your business, and where are you now? Looking back on your journey as an entrepreneur and business owner is a great reflection exercise, and on this episode, Shannon shares her reflections and thoughts about her yoga business, and the milestones she reached along the way.

In doing this reflection exercise, Shannon goes to a time way back before the podcast was started. Even as a child, she had an entrepreneurial streak in her, and she shares some of the early lessons she learned from her first forays into entrepreneurship, as well as her first successes as a business owner running a garden market. She reveals how she eventually transitioned into becoming a yoga teacher, and subsequently a podcast host as well.

Shannon highlights some of the key milestones she reached (including some that she’s still working on!) along her business journey, including stepping into a business mindset, creating systems and processes, and even finding a niche and specializing. Shannon also reflects that none of it was ever a clear path, but everything has contributed to the business she has today.

This is an inside look into Shannon’s road map to creating her yoga business but remember – everyone’s journey will be different. Special thanks to Isabel for asking this question that prompted the reflection!

Key Takeaways:

[2:51] Isabel asked: How do you know that your business has grown to certain levels or reached certain milestones? What are the different pieces that make your entire business, and how long did it take you to put them all together?

[3:35] Shannon’s business journey began way before the podcast.

“I had this lightbulb moment thinking, ‘There are no other teachers in the world that can share yoga like I can’.” ~Shannon Crow

[6:14] Shannon gives a shout out to a few people.

[9:33] Take a moment to reflect on your own yoga journey. Where were you when you began, and where are you now?

[10:43] Shannon shares her backstory of how and why she became an entrepreneur and her first business ventures.

“You are here to offer a type of yoga that no one else can.” – Shannon Crow

[18:27] Shannon describes how she became a yoga teacher.

[21:04] Shannon’s grandfather gave her some words of wisdom about saving, that have stuck with her.

[27:08] This episode is sponsored by YoMassage.

“It doesn’t matter what you make – it matters what you save.” – Shannon Crow

[28:19] The first milestone in Shannon’s business is her business mindset.

[34:12] Another part of the business mindset is the money mindset.

[40:00] Milestone #2: Know your why.

[41:37] Milestone #3: Systems, processes, and planning.

“Your message needs to be louder than all of the fears and roadblocks and learning that you need to do.” – Shannon Crow

[43:07] For Shannon, accepting and asking for help was her fourth milestone.

[44:28] The last milestone is specializing and niche work.

[47:15] You’re not alone in your journey as a yoga teacher and entrepreneur!


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