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156: Define Your Brand with Rachael Kay Albers



What is your brand? Hint, it’s not just about the colors or images on your website. Figuring out what your brand is all about can be confusing, and it can be hard to think about how to differentiate yourself from other yoga teachers (especially if you don’t feel you serve a very specific niche). Branding expert Rachael Kay Albers has some tips on how to define your brand and stand out with your branding.


Rachael is a digital strategist, and Founder and Creative Director of RKA Ink, a branding, web design and digital marketing studio based outside Chicago. She helps thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs all over the world stand out online with unforgettable brands. Apart from her work crafting epic brands, Rachael also hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun-sized business advice with storytelling and sketch comedy.

From what your brand actually means, to why yoga teachers may struggle with a branding problem, Rachael has a wealth of information on finding, defining and sharing your brand. She also talks about the concept of reverse niching, how we can use that to find our ideal yoga students and how to stand out by taking a stand.


Whether you have a clearly defined brand identity or your brand is still a work-in-progress, this episode has lots of strategies to help you craft and refine your brand.


Key Takeaways:

[6:13] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Rachael Kay Albers.

[7:55] What does Rachael do and who does she do it for?

[10:26] Rachael describes herself as a rule-breaker – even when she got married!

[11:41] Why do “woo businesses” need to work on their branding? Rachael explains what branding means for yoga teachers.

[14:06] Where do “woo businesses” have a problem with their branding?

[19:34] How can yoga teachers deal with having to sell people what they want without being slimy or salesy?

[23:02] Rachael shares an example of how she helped her client figure out her ideal client and how that relates to the messaging and copy.

[26:46] Shannon and Rachael walk through an example of an ideal client for a teacher offering restorative yoga.

[30:58] How would knowing the ideal client translate into copy for social media or on a website?

[33:17] Rachael addresses the worry and concern that many business owners have about writing copy for specific people.

[35:20] Rachael recommends using your copy to direct your design.

[38:49] What is reverse niching?

[44:23] Branding has two jobs – to attract your ideal clients, but also to push away the wrong people.

[46:57] What other aspects of branding should yoga teachers think about to stand out?

[51:16] Rachael shares an example of how to turn a complaint or a pain point into positive content that serves your audience.

[54:35] The brands that really stand out are the ones that are willing to ruffle feathers and take a stand.

[1:00:45] Shannon and Rachael discuss the idea that there’s a market out there for every kind of yoga teacher.

[1:02:51] Find out more about Rachael and the work that she does at her website.

[1:03:55] Shannon shares her takeaways from the interview. What was your biggest takeaway?



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Quotes from this episode:


“At its heart, your brand is how your customers remember you and experience you.”


“At the end of the day, you don’t get to say what your brand is. Your audience says what your brand is.”


“The cardinal rule of branding and marketing: Sell them what they want, give them what they need!”


“Who am I not a good fit for?”