155: Yoga Teacher Q&A with Shannon Crow

This podcast was created to serve you, and to help you connect to information and feel supported as you navigate being a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur. In this special episode, Shannon answers some of the questions YOU have asked!

Courtney Butler Robinson has a question about burnout. Despite loving what she does, she feels like her schedule is overfilled and she is approaching a state of burnout. Shannon shares her own experiences with burnout, as well as some strategies to manage and avoid it.

Jessica Saunders has chosen to focus on growing her online yoga business. However, she needs some help in figuring out how to effectively engage her online audience, as well as how niching down can help her stand out online. Shannon has some tips on specialization, why the online space can be tricky to navigate, and some strategies to set yourself apart.

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Key Takeaways:

“Start before you feel 100% ready to go.” ~ Shannon Crow

[1:39] This episode is a Q&A based on questions asked by yoga teachers from the community.

[7:44] Courtney Butler Robinson asks what Shannon’s experience is with burnout and how she manages it.

“One thing to remember as the entrepreneur, as the yoga teacher – you are designing your own business.” ~ Shannon Crow

[11:19] Shannon shares some strategies that can help avoid burnout.

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[17:57] Jessica Saunders asks: What techniques are effective in engaging an online audience? Shannon shares more about how niching down can help you stand out.

“We are so much more likely to give a referral when someone is specialized.” ~ Shannon Crow

[22:29] Marketing yourself online means that you have access to more people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy. That’s why specializing is particularly useful.

[25:40] Ask yourself: What do you want to be known for – for now, not forever?

“We have to really feel connected to something to make that our niche.” ~ Shannon Crow

[28:59] Shannon would love to hear your feedback on this type of episode.


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