Ep 152: Simplifying Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau

Facebook ads can be an incredibly powerful tool if done well, but it can be tricky to navigate. What kinds of ads are effective? How can you target your audience effectively? How much should you spend on ads? Claire Pelletreau has the answers to these questions and more.

Claire is a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant, and host of the Get Paid Podcast where she asks tough money questions. By using a process of data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation, Claire helps clients get real results from Facebook ads and prides herself on simplifying the complex Facebook and Instagram advertising for her clients. She offers clients Done-For-You Ad Management and in-depth consultations, as well as FB ads courses and other resources for those looking to DIY their Facebook ads.

In this deep-dive interview about Facebook ads, Claire shares her expertise on how to use Facebook ads to target a location-specific audience, the difference between doing ads yourself and hiring someone, and why video ads may be the most effective type of ads for yoga teachers. 

This episode is perfect for everyone, from someone who’s been dabbling in FB ads and wants to make the most of their ad dollars to the beginner who wants to know how to use paid advertising to boost their business.

Key Takeaways:

[7:09] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Claire Pelletreau.

[10:19] Claire makes a case for why Facebook ads are not just a good way to get new clients, but also to get back time.

“If you’re struggling to get people to buy to begin with, Facebook ads is not going to fix that.” – Claire Pelletreau

[13:25] Claire walks through the process of re-targeting visitors to your website.

[16:09] Why are there dips and peaks in terms of site traffic and conversions and leads?

[18:18] How can yoga teachers get started with Facebook ads?

“You’re working really hard to get in front of people, then let Facebook and Instagram ads repeatedly put you in front of them.” – Claire Pelletreau

[21:42] Claire and Shannon discuss what a video ad would look like with an example.

[26:26] What are some of Claire’s tips for what makes a good video ad?

[29:10] What are some of Shannon’s hesitations when it comes to putting out Facebook ads? Claire addresses some of her concerns.

[32:32] Does Claire recommend doing ads for freebies?

[33:58] Claire and Shannon dive into how Shannon’s podcast makes her money, and how to track different lead magnets from podcast episodes.

[39:57] What is Claire’s recommendation for a video ad strategy?

“Identify the objections, and then create content that helps people get over them.” – Claire Pelletreau

[43:05] What should your budget be for Facebook ads, and how do you choose your audience?

[47:05] Claire highlights some of the things that Facebook doesn’t allow in ads.

[49:28] Step 1: Get a tracking pixel on your website!

“One of the best ways to really spend a small budget is by putting video ads in front of brand new audiences.” – Claire Pelletreau

[50:23] What are some of Claire’s offerings to help people with Facebook ads?

[55:04] Shannon shares her one action step from this interview. What’s yours?


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