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145: Before You Open a Yoga Studio with Shannon Crow



Have you always dreamed of opening your own yoga studio? Or are you tired of never being able to set your schedule exactly how you want it, and think that opening your own studio would solve those challenges? Perhaps, you’ve already made up your mind to open a yoga studio and are looking for guidance on how to go about it. Shannon Crow dives into all these and more, on this episode.


Having managed multiple yoga studios in the past, and been approached by two yoga studios to purchase a yoga studio, Shannon has no stranger to the topic of opening, running and managing a yoga studio. She has used a 3-stage process to ask herself if this path is right for her, and on this episode, shares exactly how you can walk through the process too.


This episode is meant for anyone who has dreamed of opening a yoga studio or anyone who is currently “living the dream” of running a yoga studio. Touching on everything related to opening a yoga studio from what your dream of an ideal yoga studio looks like, to the various models of yoga studios that you can consider, to the questions you should be asking yourself, this episode is a great place to start if being a yoga studio owner is on your bucket list.


Key Takeaways:

[2:05] This episode is all about opening a yoga studio.

[2:35] If your dream is to open a yoga studio, start by defining what that looks like.

[3:41] Another way to approach this is to ask yourself what are the things that are really bugging you about your current situation.

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[6:55] Shannon shares some ideas for yoga studios and invites you to think outside the box!

[11:48] Shannon does a quick recap, and reveals a little bit of her background with yoga studios before diving into some tough questions.

[14:41] Do you like the administrative side of running a yoga business?

[16:44] Do you love managing people?

[20:32] Do you love competition and collaboration?

[22:27] Do you love being responsible for a whole group of people?

[24:55] How much do you love thinking about the smallest details?

[27:02] Your yoga teachers are your brand, but the entire yoga studio also has a brand.

[28:28] Having a yoga studio means that you’re tied to a place. Are you ready for that?

[29:57] As a yoga studio owner, you have to take into account legal and insurance considerations.

[32:45] The last consideration Shannon would like to highlight is around schedule.

[34:51] How does listening to this episode make you feel about opening a yoga studio?

[37:48] Share your thoughts with Shannon!



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Quotes from this episode:

“If your dream is to open a yoga studio, let’s first define what does that look like.”


“At the beginning, we opened with that dreaming part, and now, I want to hit home some reality pieces that come in when managing a yoga studio, when owning a yoga studio, when running a yoga studio.”


“When we have responsibilities, we have to set those healthy boundaries.”


“With a yoga studio, you are tied to a location.”