The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

Ep 141: Let’s Talk Money with Katie Brauer


Part of being an entrepreneur and business owner is dealing with our money mindset. Money is an essential part of our business, and whether you love it or you hate it, you need to embrace it and cultivate that relationship. Even after years of being in business,  our mindset work around money never really ends. Katie Brauer has some insights on the topic.

Katie Brauer is an international yoga educator, high performance coach, former professional snowboarder, and mentor at the intersection of yoga and entrepreneurship. She has been described as a “power house yogi and rising leader” by Forbes, and is the creator of The Yoga Professional Incubator , an online business and personal growth incubator for yoga teachers. Today, Katie helps people transform their businesses, their relationships and their lives through coaching, group programs and retreats.

How do we even begin to open up the money conversation? It’s a topic that many people find uncomfortable, not just yoga teachers, and Katie shares some of the blocks that we have around money mindset. She explains how a money buddy can be helpful to unpacking your relationship with money, and what it means to be in relationship with our money. Katie has some unique perspectives about the flow of money, and share tips for something we all struggle with – raising our rates, and doing it even when it feels scary.

This is such an important topic for all of us to think about. If you’ve ever hesitated to raise your rates, or felt uncomfortable with your relationship with money, this episode is a great starting point to change that. 

Key Takeaways:

[5:50] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Katie Brauer

[6:54] Where did Katie’s yoga journey begin?

[7:43] What shifted in Katie’s mind that made her become a yoga teacher?

[9:46] How did Katie start to dig into becoming comfortable with talking about money as a yoga teacher and a consultant for yoga teachers?

[12:13] What are some of the hurdles that yoga teachers face around their money mindset?

[14:04] Who should we choose to be our money buddy? Katie shares more about who we should pick, and how to approach looking at our relationship with money.

[17:49] What are some of the strategies that have produced the biggest shift in Katie’s relationship with money?

[20:54] How does Katie approach looking for the flow of money in her life?

[23:01] Katie segues into talking about how yoga teachers can use this method to find the right pricing for them.

[26:41] Yoga teachers often lean towards undercharging. What are Katie’s tips for addressing that?

[30:03] Shannon shares an anecdote of what happened when she decided to try raising her rates for a course she offers.

[33:41] Yoga teachers often say they feel bad that they’re making yoga inaccessible to those who can’t afford it by raising their rates. What is Katie’s response to that?

[41:20] What are some other practices Katie recommends to shift your mindset around money?

[45:43] Opening up the conversation and listening to what others have to say on the topic of money can be just as important.

[48:55] Being spiritual and having money are not at odds with each other.

[52:40] It is a myth that yoga teachers cannot make money.

[54:21] Get in touch with Katie via her website, and leaves us with a challenge – what’s the one thing you could do today to enhance your life and business? 

[56:18] Katie shares a unique location to teach yoga.

[1:01:08] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this interview, and would love to hear your thoughts too!


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Quotes from this episode:

“I think the first thing is a willingness to talk about it, because it’s just so uncomfortable for the majority of people on the planet, not just yoga teachers.”

“There’s so much shame that goes along with money, and it doesn’t have to be.”

“You’re in a relationship with your money.”

“I find when I just get quiet, the answer is there.”

“There’s people on my list, and your list, and for yoga teachers listening, in your orbit that are just waiting for the right thing that speaks to them.”

“I think that is a total myth, that people can’t be spiritual and have money.”