The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

Ep 140: Plan Your Yoga Workshop with Shannon Crow


So you want to plan a workshop, but where do you begin? Before you get into the nitty gritty details of what yoga poses you are going to be teaching, or what music you will be playing, or when you’ll be taking a break, there are some things to think about.

Based on the questions yoga teachers have asked Shannon, both privately and in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group, this is something a lot of people need help with. In this episode, Shannon shares her 7 key things to think about when it comes to planning a workshop.

From figuring out your target audience, tips on marketing, strategies for how to brainstorm main topics for your workshop, Shannon shares her process of how she approaches creating and planning a workshop. She even tackles some mindset blocks you may have when it comes to pricing your workshop appropriately!

If you have never planned a workshop before or you want to hear about the framework that Shannon loves to use for workshops, this is the episode you need to listen to.

Key Takeaways:

[:57] This episode is all about planning a workshop.

[4:36] The first thing you need to decide is The One Thing. What is the one thing you would like your attendees to walk away with?

[9:01] The second thing to consider is who the workshop is for. Don’t be afraid to niche down on this!

[12:46] When would you like to do this workshop? Remember – you need to give yourself enough time to plan and market it!

[15:43] Shannon explains how reverse engineering your time can help with the planning stage.

[19:01] Shannon has some tips on marketing your workshop and getting the word out.

[20:49] The next step is to think about pricing.

[25:12] Shannon shares a personal example on getting clarity on your pricing.

[30:07] Time for the “sticky note plan” for the main topics! Shannon breaks down what this means.

[33:42] Next, comes naming and marketing your workshop.

[35:47] Shannon uses more sticky notes for this part of the process – figuring out the attendance.

[37:12] Shannon wants to hear about the workshops you are offering in your community or thinking about offering.


Episodes on Money and Pricing:

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Quotes from this episode:

“What is the one thing you would like your attendees to walk away with?”

“What I’d love for you to offer to people who attend your workshop is that they walk away feeling like they have something tangible.”

“Don’t be afraid to niche down!”

“The important piece that a lot of yoga teachers will miss is … the piece about telling people about your workshop.”

“Oftentimes, the value of what we’re offering is way beyond what we’re charging.”

“Clarity is better than being clever, especially when it comes to names.”