Ep 139: Grow Your Yoga Business via Email with Tarzan Kay

What do emails have to do with increasing your income as a yoga teacher? With the right strategy, it can be an amazing tool to connect with your yoga students in your community or online, increase your number of clients, or promote a launch of a new offering. Tarzan Kay shares her expert insight on just how you can do this.

Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist and copywriter who has gone years of hustling for clients at $35/hour, to a rock star client list and a $1,500 hourly rate. She works with clients such as Amy Porterfield, Jasmine Star and Marie Forleo, and was featured in Forbes Magazine. She focuses on helping people make money doing what they love by writing powerful email and website copy that converts readers into clients.

Email can be a powerful marketing tool if you know how to harness it. Tarzan shares how to write emails that don’t feel salesy, how long your emails should be, how often you should be sending emails, and whether you should just hire someone else to write all of your copy.

Whether you’ve already been using emails to reach new students or this is the first time you’re thinking about how to grow your yoga business via email, there are some great tips in this interview.

Key Takeaways:

[5:17] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Tarzan Kay.

[6:56] How did Tarzan become a launch strategist? She explains the work that she does and who she does it for.

[10:56] What are some of Tarzan’s tips for raising your rates?

“When someone’s not paying you very much, they aren’t that invested in showing up and doing the work.” ~ Tarzan Kay

[15:13] Tarzan raised her rates from $35/ hour to $1,500/ hour. She reveals some of the packages she offers clients and how it might apply to yoga teachers.

“You have to create the vision for them, when you’re selling a package.” ~ Tarzan Kay

[23:21] Why is it important for yoga teachers to be emailing their students?

[26:28] How should yoga teachers be writing emails so that they don’t feel salesy?

[29:10] What are some resources Tarzan recommends to break through the mental block of not wanting to sell?

[30:22] How often should people be emailing their list?

[33:50] One email, one job – Tarzan explains how this applies to your emails.

[36:48] Tarzan explains what inspired her to create her Legendary event.

[38:56] One of the things yoga teachers say holds them back from writing emails is that they’re not feeling creative. Tarzan has a response to that.

[40:36] How long should an email be?

[42:11] Should you hire someone to write your copy for you?

“You really need to take the time to figure out your own voice.” ~ Tarzan Kay

[44:11] What is your brand voice and how do you develop that?

[47:00] What are some of Tarzan’s tips for bringing in new clients through email?

“The important thing is that you write [emails] and you send them and what you think is not good, someone else might think is the greatest thing they’ve ever read.” ~ Tarzan Kay

[49:33] Tarzan doesn’t create free content all the time. She explains how her strategy works.

[57:47] What is Tarzan’s recommendation for building up to a launch?

[1:00:46] Tarzan has some final bits of advice around sending emails.

[1:02:10] Find out more about Tarzan at her website and check out her free quiz too.

[1:03:44] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this episode. What were yours?


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