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132: Marketing to Increase Private Bookings with Amanda Mays



How can you market your yoga business without seeming pushy or salesy? What kind of strategies can you use to attract your ideal client? Amanda Mays joins Shannon on this consultation call to talk through her struggles with marketing herself and putting her yoga business out there.

Amanda is self proclaimed yoga and happiness ambassador. She works as a freelance editor and occasionally teaches e-courses on writing, specifically journaling, and how to use that habit to fuel a bigger writing practice. She is also raising six children apart from all this, and has very limited free time. Amanda wants to expand her yoga offering to begin working with private clients, and to become more purposeful in her approach to teaching yoga and marketing her business to the right clients.

Shannon coaches Amanda through her mindset blocks of not wanting to market herself while offering actionable advice on how best to move toward offering more 1:1 private yoga sessions. From tips on how to use social media to promote her yoga business, to goal-setting, Shannon guides Amanda to find clarity in her aims for her business.

If you’re like Amanda and worry that your marketing efforts are too pushy, or feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions promoting your yoga business, this episode will help you get some clarity around how best to get the word out about your yoga offerings.

P.S. Since this episode was recorded, Amanda has grown her yoga business from zero private clients, to about five 1:1 clients a week!

Key Takeaways:

[5:17] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Amanda Mays.

[7:50] What is Amanda’s biggest challenge in her yoga business?

[9:19] What are some of Amanda’s top ideas that are calling to her? Shannon suggests doing a free writing practice.

[12:43] What is the one thing that can increase profit and growth in Amanda’s business?

[14:22] Why does Amanda want to move towards 1:1 yoga?

[17:14] Shannon goes through an exercise with Amanda to create an ideal week and how to bridge the gap between her current schedule and ideal schedule.

[21:08] Amanda’s biggest hurdle is marketing herself. Shannon shares an anecdote from her personal experience running a farmer’s market to help her with this mental block.

[24:06] What is something Amanda’s ideal student is struggling with?

[27:27] Shannon and Amanda discuss setting measurable goals for her yoga business, and how sharing her story can contribute to making the ‘ask’.

[32:25] Shannon highlights why it’s important for Amanda’s social media to reflect her business and how to leverage that to reach her ideal clients.

[40:21] Shannon shares her tips on doing live video.

[46:35] Shannon and Amanda set some goals for her to start doing live videos!

[48:59] Shannon prompts Amanda to think about how people can book 1:1 sessions with her.

[52:53] How can Amanda figure out her core values as a yoga teacher, and some of her discomforts around marketing herself? Shannon suggests the “I believe” exercise.

[1:00:45] Amanda shares more about her fear of niching down.

[1:03:07] Amanda struggles with how she can incorporate some of her previous e-courses and journaling activities into her offering that all target the same ideal client. Shannon has some suggestions.

[1:10:55] What’s your biggest takeaway from this consultation call? Share your comments or questions with Shannon!




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Quotes from this episode:


“This is what I want to do, but I can’t quite figure out how to put the steps together.” – Amanda

“What if we instead, really focus on who might be your ideal student?” – Shannon

“The thing is with working 1:1, is it takes time to build it. Our best advertising is someone telling someone else how great they feel.” – Shannon

“People are excited to invest in the why, why you do something and the whole story behind it.” – Shannon