How I Structure Private Yoga | Shannon Crow131: How I Structure Private Yoga with Shannon Crow

This episode is all about something Shannon often gets asked – the nitty-gritty details of how to teach private yoga. It can feel intimidating, and you may not know where to start or how to structure a private yoga session with a student. Shannon dives into exactly how she handles her yoga sessions, from scheduling the 1:1 class to after the session ends.

Shannon covers a lot of ground. Starting off with scheduling, pricing, policies around booking, cancellation, payment, and rent, she also touches on waivers, health information and questions to ask to get to know your student better. Find out how Shannon creates a yoga flow on the fly for the person she is teaching, how she approaches space to do yoga, and makes sure to fit in the actual yoga (including Savasana!) within the session. 1:1 yoga is different from group classes, and Shannon explains how to be in discussion with your client while working with them, homework she assigns, and how she manages accountability and follow up.

This episode is jam-packed with lots of information and actionable tips – it was designed to help you dive right into teaching private yoga, if you have been thinking about it and just weren’t sure about the in’s and out’s.

Key Takeaways:

[6:38] This episode is all about the nitty-gritty details of teaching private yoga.

[7:35] When and how can someone schedule a session with you?

[9:40] What is your price? Shannon highlights some elements to consider when setting your price.

“I don’t want you to negotiate and earn less than your set hourly rate.” -Shannon Crow

[15:12] How does Shannon approach providing mats and props, and the amount of time she allows between appointments.

[19:12] Setting policies and rules is an important part of teaching private yoga. Shannon shares some of her tips around booking, cancellation and payment policies.

“Set your price and your policies first. Then set up how people book with you.” -Shannon Crow

[20:48] Rent – how much are you able to pay for rent?

[22:19] The next step is doing the intake after someone books with you. Shannon dives into waivers and health information.

[24:54] A lot of yoga teachers get stuck when it comes to asking their students questions. What are some questions you can ask to find out more about your student?

[29:16] If you are helping a student with a specific symptom or problem, what and how much information do you require ahead of time to help you prepare?

[32:06] Shannon creates the yoga flow for her private students on the fly. She explains how she goes about doing this with some real-life examples.

[35:36] Shannon shares what it means to hold space to do yoga.

“Imagine your ideal week. When would you ideally teach 1:1 yoga?” -Shannon Crow

[38:31] How can you be in discussion with your student during a 1:1 yoga session?

[40:19] Shannon gives her students homework!

[42:07] The last aspect of teaching private yoga is accountability and follow up.


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