Ayurveda, Doshas & Yoga with Angela GlazEp 128: Ayurveda, Doshas & Yoga with Angela Glaz

This episode is all about reconnecting the sister sciences, yoga and Ayurveda. We all learn about Ayurveda in our Yoga Teacher Trainings at some level, but a lot of us don’t know how to incorporate it into our classes, or even really how our doshas affect us in our lives and in our business. Angela Glaz has adoped a unique approach in building her yoga business with Ayurveda at its core, and she shares more about how you can bring Ayurveda into your classes too.

Angela is a 500 E-RYT, Ayurvedic Counselor and the Founder of Eka Yoga. She came to yoga in 2002 and since then, she has traveled to India twice to deepen her own practice and to study Yoga and Ayurveda. Most recently, she completed the Ayurvedic Counseling Program at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Today, Angela offers Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga and Ayurveda Immersive Courses, online wellness courses and an online holistic membership site, as well as group and private yoga classes.

What are the different doshas, and how do they influence us? Angela dives into the three doshas and their defining characteristics, and explains how we might see them reflected in our yoga practice, our lives and even in our role as business owners. She also reveals how she organizes her classes to go in line with Ayurveda, the technical aspects of offering people classes based on their doshas, and how her online membership site ties into her business.

Tune in to this fascinating episode to learn more about your own doshas, and how you might use this information to thrive in teaching, being a business owner and also living your life.

Key Takeaways:

[5:30] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Angela Glaz.

[6:59] Where did Angela’s yoga journey begin?

[8:14] What has led Angela to the work that she does now? What does she do and who does she do it for?

[10:33] Is there a difference between yoga and Ayurveda or is it the same thing?

“Yoga is actually a tool to help us heal our body. It’s part of Ayurveda.” -Angela Glaz

[11:52] What are the doshas?

[19:38] How do you know what dosha you are? How do you avoid seeing everything through that lens?

[23:48] What is something Angela has learned about the doshas that has really helped her as a yoga teacher?

[25:05] How can yoga teachers bring the doshas and Ayurveda into their classes?

[28:26] Angela shares some words of wisdom around attaching yourself or other people to a dosha.

“More people could benefit from understanding their unique body type and adjusting their diet, routine, exercise to find optimal health and happiness.” -Angela Glaz

[30:00] In Angela’s yoga studio, people take classes according to their doshas. She explains how this works from a technical and organizational standpoint.

[32:12] When it comes to running a business, what are some things that would help the different doshas?

[37:18] People carry all doshas within them, but usually one is dominant.

“The biggest thing that I’d like them to take away in their classes is really encouraging people to listen to their body.” -Angela Glaz

[38:34] What is Angela’s membership site about and what motivated her to start it?

[41:45] Angela shares a little about the videos she puts up online for her membership site.

[44:57] Who is Angela’s target audience for her membership site?

[46:35] Angela shares some final thoughts and resources.

[48:19] Shannon leaves you with two final questions to think about.


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