Let Nature Theme Your Classes with Alee LinkEp 127: Let Nature Theme Your Classes with Alee Link

Do you create your classes around a certain theme? Or have you been a part of a class where every pose and transition was intentional and flowed, and it left you wishing you knew how to structure your classes like that? Alee Link is great at intentional teaching, and finds the inspiration for her classes in nature – she shares how you can, too!

Alee Link attended her first yoga class when she was 12 years old, and in 2011, she completed her 200-hour RYT certification. In 2013, Alee and her husband founded River Flow Yoga and Wellness in Georgia, where she offers students yoga classes primarily rooted in Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga. She also created the MoonLIT Tribe app, which offers moon rituals, mantra, guided meditation and more for people looking to connect with themselves, each other, the planet, the stars, and everything around us.

One of Alee’s specialties is intentional teaching around a general theme for each class. She shares more about how she chooses her theme for each class, based on things that are going on in nature like the seasons, the placement of the moon, and the stars and what’s going on around her. Shannon and Alee also discuss the importance of intentional teaching, and why teaching classes around a certain theme doesn’t have to involve a lot of work.

If you’ve been thinking about where to get theme ideas for your classes, tune in to this episode to find out why you don’t have to look any further than the nature around us for inspiration and guidance.

Key Takeaways:

[6:18] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Alee Link.

[8:16] What does Alee do, and who does she do it for?

“My purpose on this planet is to spread the message of connectivity.” -Alee Link

[9:43] Alee was only 12 years old when she went for her first yoga class. When did she decide to become a yoga teacher?

[14:15] What are some things Alee wishes she had known when choosing her first yoga teacher training?

[18:40] How does Alee teach intentionally and theme her classes?

[25:20] Alee shares an anecdote from her experience about the founding of the MoonLIT app, and how yoga teachers can use the app.

[31:37] Shannon and Alee discuss the importance of nature, not just in yoga but in other aspects of life.

“My greatest advice is to take the time to understand the natural world.” -Alee Link

[33:20] How much pressure does Alee feel in being intentional with every pose and transition in her teaching sequence? Does she communicate her intentions with her class?

[40:23] When leading yoga teacher training to new teachers, how does Alee guide them to create themes for their classes apart from just focusing on their own practice?

[45:08] How does Alee map out her classes?

[50:01] What is something Alee has learned in leading yoga teacher training?

[52:46] What has been a lightbulb moment for Alee’s teachers in her training?

[58:11] Does Alee also incorporate things that are going on around us in the world, in terms of news, current events or politics?

“The natural world is happening around us regardless. So we can either jump into the flow, or force ourselves against it and resist it.” -Alee Link

[1:03:29] Get in touch with Alee on social media, check out the MoonLIT app, or visit her websites to find out more about her work.

[1:04:21] Shannon shares her greatest takeaways, and would love to hear yours!


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