The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

Ep 124: Enneagram for Yoga Entrepreneurs with Sarajane Case



How much does your personality type influence how you share yoga and run your business? What traits or qualities might your students display, depending on their personality type, and how does that influence their experience of yoga? Sarajane Case is an Enneagram expert, and she shares just how you can harness the power of your personality to influence your business and life.


Sarajane Case is the founder of Enneagram & Coffee, where she works with people through online courses, in-person workshops and business masterminds. She uses the Enneagram as a tool for self-exploration, expression & entrepreneurship, and helps people build and nurture their relationships with themselves.


Learning our personality type is a great way to come to a compassionate understanding of who we are. Sarajane explains more about the Enneagram assessment, and the distinguishing characteristics of the different personality types. She also has some tips on how you can harness your personality characteristics in your own yoga business. Sarajane also recounts the experience of having her Instagram account go viral and why she focuses on Instagram as her main platform to reach her audience.


Whether you’ve always been curious about personality types and how they influence your work and business, or if you’ve heard about the Enneagram assessment and are interested to find out more about it, this episode is sure to be a good listen.


Key Takeaways:

[3:36] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Sarajane Case.

[5:27] Who is Sarajane and what does she do? She also shares a profound moment she experienced in her first yoga class.

[8:13] What is the Enneagram and what got Sarajane interested in looking at it?

[10:15] Sarajane shares a lot of small nuggets of information on her Instagram account, because all the information about your personality can be quite overwhelming.

[11:33] How can you go about finding out what type you are?

[12:54] Sarajane explains how people can see themselves as different types, and what that could mean.

[15:25] What are some of the main distinguishing characteristics of each personality type?

[19:56] How do people who have taken the Enneagram try to change certain aspects of their personality?

[21:41] How can the Enneagram help us as business owners and entrepreneurs?

[25:30] What type are yoga teachers most likely to be? What are their superpowers, and how might they feel out of balance in their businesses?

[28:50] Sarajane highly recommends for business owners who are growing their team to have their team members take the Enneagram to find complementary strengths.

[29:37] Sarajane already had a strong following on Instagram. When she started Enneagram  & Coffee, it blew up. What caused that?

[34:44] What are some of the things that have helped Sarajane build her personal Instagram account?

[36:15] Sarajane’s business is mainly on Instagram.

[37:14] What are some resources business owners can tap into to learn more about the Enneagram?

[39:06] What are some of Sarajane’s final thoughts on the Enneagram?

[41:29] Have you taken the Enneagram, or are you thinking about taking it? We’d love to hear from you!




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Quotes from this episode:


“Everything about [the Enneagram] is internal. It’s your motivations, it’s your basic fears, it’s your coping mechanisms.”


“What the Enneagram shows us is that we’re all just trying our best with what we have and what we’ve been given.”


“I am very cautious with the Enneagram to express it in a way that is all about acceptance, and self-acceptance, and self-compassion.”


“I think that I definitely lead with how can I benefit the people who are here. If you’ve agreed to follow me, I want to make sure that I’m leaving you better than you found me.”