113: Pinterest to Promote Your Yoga with Kate Ahl


How important is Pinterest to your yoga business? If you’re like some of our yoga teachers, a significant portion of your website traffic may be coming from Pinterest – but it’s not the same as other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. That’s why we have Kate Ahl of Simple Pin to share more about how you can use Pinterest to promote your yoga business.

Kate Ahl is the Owner and Founder of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management company that helps business owners manage their Pinterest accounts and presence so they can focus on running their business. She also hosts the Simple Pin Podcast, where she shares useful actionable tips and strategies that can help you DIY your Pinterest marketing.

Shannon and Kate dissect how often to pin, what kind of content to pin, and even the kinds of images and fonts to us. She also answers some of Shannon’s questions around personal vs business accounts and resharing pins to other social media platforms. Kate also reveals why Pinterest functions as a powerful search engine, and why it’s such a great platform to tap into new markets.

If you’ve been wanting to create more awareness for your yoga business, or have been wondering how to connect with people across different generations, Pinterest may be your answer – and this episode is just what you need to dive right in.

Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Kate Ahl.

[3:36] What does Kate do and how did she get started in this business?

[5:09] Pinterest is not so much of a social platform like Instagram or Facebook, but it’s more of a search engine. Kate explains what this means.

“If somebody comes to your Pinterest page or profile, do they understand who you are and what you represent?”

[7:40] What is Kate’s suggestion for the workflow on Pinterest?

[9:34] Is there a ratio of your own pins to someone else’s pins?

“You want to see your Pinterest boards as a curated resource for your audience.”

[11:20] Kate breaks down the idea of pinning daily on Pinterest and some tips on pinnable images.

[14:47] How much text is too much text?

[18:30] Kate comments on the practice of creating 10 pins for a particular piece of content.

[19:21] What is Kate’s advice for people who want to pin images that are not from your article? She walks us through an example.

[21:47] What are Kate’s thoughts on re-sharing pins to Instagram and Facebook?

[23:49] What are Kate’s tips for the beginner who wants to use Pinterest to grow their yoga business?

“I think the biggest problem when we’re doing Pinterest images and we’re not graphically-inclined, is we spend hours overthinking it.”

[27:40] When it comes to websites and Pinterest, should you be creating images on your website with Pinterest in mind?

[30:27] If you are into DIY and want to learn more about Pinterest marketing, check out Kate’s podcast, Simple Pin Podcast.

[31:10] What are some things to consider before hiring out your Pinterest marketing?

“You’re building awareness of your company through your knowledge, through your articles that you’re writing.”

[32:20] What is Kate’s intake process for taking on new clients, depending on where they are in their Pinterest journey?

[35:06] What are Kate’s packages priced at?

[37:02] Shannon and Kate discuss what the different generations are using Pinterest for.

[39:23] Kate leaves us with some final thoughts about Pinterest.

[41:25] Shannon shares the actions she’s taking as a result of this interview with Kate. Share your Pinterest strategy with Shannon in the comments.


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