Create a Yoga Proposal Package Lisa Zaehringer110: Create a Yoga Proposal Package with Lisa Zaehringer

If you’ve ever wanted to share or promote a unique yoga class or workshop, I’m sure you have wondered how best to convey your offering to the yoga studio owner, or even where to begin in reaching out to studios. Lisa Zaehringer, after having to go through this process every 2-3 years, shares more about what goes into the yoga proposal packages she sends to yoga studios, as well as her 7-step process for reaching out to studios.

Lisa is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, whose work as a yoga teacher complements her profession as a mental health counselor. In her yoga business, she supports mothers of all ages as they reconnect with themselves, reclaim rest, and practice compassionate self-discovery. Her unique workshops and courses include the Sacred Motherhood Restorative Practice, Sacred Baby 8 Week Course, and Sacred Pregnancy Weekend Retreat.

As part of her transient military lifestyle, Lisa was having to move every few years, and she had to find an authentic, creative way to be able to approach yoga studios in her new hometowns where she had zero credibility – a yoga proposal package. She explains the different elements that make up the package, and also reveals step-by-step, how she reaches out to studios.

Whether you’re wanting to create a yoga proposal package to get some clarity about your yoga niche, or you just want to be prepared to take advantage of any new opportunities that may arise, this episode is full of great tips you’ll be able to use.

Key Takeaways:

[3:34] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Lisa Zaehringer.

[4:39] What is Lisa’s background, and what is the work that she does now?

[5:18] What prompted Lisa to develop her mini-retreat for mothers, Sacred Motherhood Restorative Practice?

[8:09] Shannon and Lisa discuss how she found her purpose in her motherhood journey.

“I believe that’s where connection happens – when vulnerability is met with compassion.” -Lisa Zaehringer

[9:29] What does Lisa’s workshop look like?

[11:49] What motivated Lisa to create her yoga proposal package?

[13:25] Lisa shares more about the challenge she faced in getting yoga studios to understand her unique offering.

[14:11] What is in the package that Lisa provides? The first element is the Proposal.

[16:43] The second piece is the suggested schedule and themes.

[18:03] The third document Lisa includes in her package is a personalized flyer.

[18:59] The next item in the package is the Sequence of Events.

[19:40] Where does Lisa get the images for her package?

[20:55] The last piece of the package is A Gift of Gratitude.

[22:06] Where does Lisa begin to approach a yoga studio? She walks us through the 7-stage process.

“Where ever this is meant to happen, is where it’s going to happen.” -Lisa Zaehringer

[27:32] If multiple places accept Lisa’s offering, does she then have to choose between them?

[29:40] What stands out is that throughout this process, Lisa is the one who is choosing, and she has been able to do this because of her clarity in her niche.

[31:27] Lisa shares some of her struggles around marketing her yoga offering.

[33:42] What are Mama Projects?

[37:03] Lisa has some final words of wisdom about creating packages for your yoga offering.

“The universe is always conspiring in our favor.” -Lisa Zaehringer

[40:47] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview.

Examples of Lisa’s Yoga Proposal Package

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