Yoga Studio Manager Shannon Crow106: Defining My Yoga Business Niche with Shannon Crow

What’s your yoga business niche? Do you share your yoga with everyone, or are you focusing in on your zone of genius? Even though she has been in the yoga industry for 13 years, Shannon still struggles with defining her yoga business niche. On this episode, she shares her own process that helped her figure out where to take her yoga business.

As Shannon started planning her content for 2019, and looking forward into how she wanted to grow her yoga business in the new year, she kept feeling stuck with some content planning. She shares the strategies that she uses in her content creation process – what worked, and what didn’t work. (Hint: If you’re having trouble with content, some of these methods will help!)

The result of all her planning and reflection was the realization that she needed to niche down in her yoga business once again. Shannon talks about her struggle with accepting and admitting that her focus in her yoga business had shifted from where she started out, and why niching down is a process that never ends.

If you’ve been feeling burned out from teaching too many different yoga classes or are feeling stuck in the work that you’re doing – it may be time for you to look into defining your yoga business niche, and this episode has just the insights you need to get you started.

Key Takeaways:

[:28] This episode is about a challenge Shannon has been facing in her yoga business

[3:17] Next week’s episode with Abby Herman is all about content, and there’s an amazing prize giveaway too!

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[8:54] It’s so much easier for Shannon to share the work she does with yoga and yoga business owners when she is connected to herself, her yoga practice and her community.

[10:23] Shannon shares more about how she hit a point of struggle in her yoga business just before 2019.

“What’s the secret to podcasting? It’s simply ‘Just keep going’.” -Shannon Crow

[14:55] Taking away the guilt from the process can help you move away from what’s keeping you stuck, and into areas that you thrive

[17:00] Reflecting back on your work can help you see clearly where you are struggling in your business.

“There have been times in my yoga career where it really does feel like very difficult work. And that’s when I know I’m kind of fighting against where I’m actually supposed to be going.” -Shannon Crow

[18:47] Shannon shares how she does her content brainstorming – Start with the main content topic, then map out subtopics.

[20:56] Shannon loves to map out three things when it comes to content – the channel she’s releasing the content, the release date, and when she’s creating that content. Why is this so important?

[23:07] How is all of this related to defining your yoga niche?

“I believe that each and every yoga teacher has a unique and amazing gift to offer to the world that no one else can.” -Shannon Crow

[25:58] Shannon talks through her struggles around Mama Nurture, and how she resolved them.

[31:56] Niching down is work that never ends.

[32:55] Shannon shares a personal anecdote about her journey with niching down.

[35:22] Check out the ways you can work with Shannon at The Connected Yoga Teacher website.


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