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103: Hiring and Nurturing Your Team with Shelli Warren


Do you have a team supporting you in your business? Are you thinking about hiring, because some parts of your business seem just too overwhelming? Do you need help in hiring, building, and nurturing your team? Shelli Warren, Team and Leadership Coach, joins Shannon in the third episode of the 5-part mini-series, Yoga Studio Business 101, to share more about what it takes to build a successful team as you grow your business.

As the Chief People Officer at BizChix, host of the Stacking Your Team podcast, and leadership and team-building expert, Shelli draws on her years of corporate experience to help business owners grow their teams alongside their businesses.

You can’t grow a business without a strong team to support you. But when is the right time to start hiring, and who do you hire? How do you ensure your employees are happy? Shelli shares her expertise about the process of hiring – from knowing which position to hire for and creating a compelling job description, to how to find and hire employees who are the right fit for your organization. She also gives tips on cultivating a strong team, and speaks to the importance of team meetings.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring your first team member, or you have a team supporting you in your business, this episode has lots of insights into leadership and team building that are sure to make an impact on your business.

Key Takeaways:

[6:00] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Shelli Warren.

[9:23] What is the first step you should take when you think you need to hire someone in your business?

[15:20] It important to come to center and get grounded, rather than staying too long in your own head space, before making any decisions about your business.

[17:24] Shelli describes her time leading large teams at Procter & Gamble, and how that honed her people development skills.

[19:54] What are some of Shelli’s tips for hiring? She speaks to the adage of “hire slow, fire fast”.

[22:35] What does it take to write a compelling job description?

[25:33] Why is it so important to have a job description that reflects the mission, values and culture of your organization?

[28:20] Shelli explains more about having built-in triggers in the application process to weed out people who are not a good fit.

[33:03] How can you create a compelling job description for a task or role that you yourself dislike and do not enjoy?

[38:50] How can you nurture your team? How often should you have a team meeting to manage the team?

[44:31] Shannon and Shelli discuss some of the logistics of running team meetings.

[49:07] What is the best way to check in with your team to ensure that things are going well?

[52:44] What are some ways to check in with virtual team members or other team members you may not see as often?

[58:35] Shelli shares a tip for getting more feedback from clients, and how to cultivate these clients into raving fans.

[1:04:42] Do check out Shelli’s Stacking Your Team podcast and get your free hiring resource bundle by visiting her website.

[1:07:23] Shannon shares some of her key takeaways. What were your biggest learning points? Shannon would love to hear from you.


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Quotes from this episode:

“Really stop and think ‘Why am I feeling like I need to hire?'”

“What would give me the most relief and the most joy to stop doing right now?”

“We hire to free our minds and ourselves up to be able to do the work that we are intended to do.”

“Oftentimes, it’s all anyone is looking for – it’s to be seen and heard.”

“Thing that you really dislike doing, others jump up out of bed to go and do. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.”

“That’s when that whole level of respect for one another is really going to elevate, because they start to know each other as people.”

“The premise of that, for you, is to open up the conversation for them, and your job is to listen.”