Making a CEO Business Plan | Shannon CrowMaking a CEO Business Plan with Shannon Crow

Do you feel like the CEO of your yoga business now? If you don’t, you’re not alone. It is easy to get caught up in doing the “Worker Bee” activities and lose focus of the “Queen Bee” activities you should be doing to keep your business going and growing.

On this episode, Shannon shares some things she has been doing in her own business over the past few weeks in terms of planning. Taking time off to align her vision with what she really loves to do, and her core values has helped her in her business. She has some insights and tips that will help you look at your business with intention, and mindfully.

Shannon takes you through the steps in this CEO planning process that can help you plan for the future, both personally and professionally. She guides you through each step, from meditation to setting goals, and how these steps relate to your yoga business.

This episode is for anyone who feels like they have a million and one ideas and directions they would like to go in, all at the same time, or anyone who always says ‘YES’ to commitments but struggles to fit that into their actual schedule. If you’re looking to plan a better year, a better month, or are just assessing the state of your business at the end of the year, this episode will definitely make an impact on you.

Key Takeaways:

[6:22] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity.

[7:03] Do you feel like the CEO of your yoga business right now? Do you feel like the “Queen Bee” or the “Worker Bee” in your business?

[8:09] Shannon gives thanks to a few people who have influenced the work that she has done over the years.

[9:20] Your inner teacher is the best guide for you. Connect with your inner teacher, however you need to do it.

“Your inner teacher knows what you need and what your yoga business needs.” ~Shannon Crow

[10:41] Shannon shares a personal story about how simple CEO planning can be, and how effective it is when added to your routine.

“I’ve learned that when I take some CEO time where I create a plan for my yoga business, it makes a huge difference.” ~Shannon Crow

[13:50] Shannon shares her steps for CEO planning.

[15:10] Step 1: Meditate. Notice the thoughts that are coming in.

[17:28] Step 2: Practice free-flow writing. Don’t restrict your thoughts and let them all flow out.

[20:06] Step 3: Become a scientist and analyse the data.

[22:29] Step 4: Create a Santosha page and another page that is the opposite of a Santosha page.

“Let’s just really acknowledge that this kind of work takes some bravery. We’re digging in and we’re uncovering things, and sometimes it’s the tough work.” ~Shannon Crow

[25:48] Step 5: Write out your 4 areas of importance.

[29:33] Step 6: Focus on one thing.

[31:58] Step 7: Set measurable goals, systems, and habits.

[37:27] Share your own discoveries with this exercise with Shannon, and let her know if you would like to know about more systems!

“How were you a rock star in 2018?” ~Shannon Crow


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