Instagram Content Strategy and Stories Tyler McCallInstagram Content Strategy and Stories with Tyler McCall

Are you on Instagram? How are you using Instagram as a yoga teacher to market and grow your yoga business with intention? Tyler McCall, social media marketer, strategist, and coach for creatives joins Shannon on this episode to tell you how you can be using Instagram to generate profit, not just popularity, in your business.

Tyler has 10 years of experience working as a community organizer and also in the non-profit marketing and management world. He shifted into focusing on Instagram in 2015, and has since coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and managed dozens of Instagram accounts.

We sometimes over-complicate things and get so caught up in collecting likes and followers, that we forget that we should be focusing on generating profit, not popularity, with Instagram. Tyler helps to demystify Instagram and shares how you too can become a rock star at using Instagram to tell captivating stories, build relationships and convert followers to fans, and make a profit.

If you’re struggling with knowing how to use Instagram as a tool to grow your yoga business, here’s a tip: it’s all about being intentional. Find out more about creating an Instagram content strategy with intention with Tyler!

Key Takeaways:

[4:35] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Tyler McCall.

[6:13] How did Tyler get started in creating strategy for Instagram?

[9:56] Tyler always puts text over his Instagram stories. Why does he do that?

[13:14] What is a content strategy on Instagram?

[15:10] Tyler takes us through creating a strategy.

“The goal is not popularity, the goal is to have a profitable business.” ~Tyler McCall

[17:24] Shannon and Tyler discuss an example of how to apply this strategy for yoga teachers.

[20:25] How can yoga teachers approach Instagram stories? Tyler shares two questions that can help guide your process.

[26:34] What is Tyler’s advice to people who are worried about not being “perfect” for an Instagram story?

[28:57] Tyler has a tip on how to create a good story.

“It all starts with a complete understanding of who you’re trying to attract on Instagram.” ~Tyler McCall

[31:05] How many parts of a story should you post?

[33:15] The general rule for Instagram is to answer all DMs. How can you manage that?

[36:00] Shannon shares her experience with someone who did a video reply to her DM. Tyler speaks to why the different modes of communication on Instagram can help you grow your business.

[38:00] Tyler doesn’t encourage people to outsource Instagram. Why not?

“Your job is to pay attention to your people and what they want to hear from you.” ~Tyler McCall

[39:55] Shannon and Tyler discuss sharing other people’s posts or content on your own Instagram page.

[41:18] How does Tyler work with clients and how can you find out more about him?

[43:40] Tyler shares some final do’s and don’ts for Instagram.

[47:00] Shannon shares her key takeaways and would love for you to do the same – leave a comment in the Show Notes, or start a conversation in the Facebook group!


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