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Ep 090: Teaching Baby and Me Yoga with Shannon Crow


How can a yoga niche help to grow a profitable and sustainable yoga business? In this episode, Shannon shares about a popular area of yoga – Baby and Me yoga, and how this can be a niche to build your yoga business.

Very often, postnatal parents are wanting to get back to yoga and bring baby along, but adult yoga classes aren’t the right place for them. Having crawling / crying / curious babies in the room, new parents adjusting to new routines, and parents developing that bond with their babies – these are all things that play into the flow and rhythm of a yoga class. Baby and Me yoga classes are designed to take all these and more into consideration.

Shannon shares how she structured her classes and the different elements she incorporates into her classes, keeping both baby and parent in mind. She also highlights other considerations when it comes to Baby and Me yoga, including timing of classes, the spaces in which you conduct these classes, and why she chose the name “Baby and Me yoga” instead of other variations out there.

This episode is perfect for anyone who teaches prenatal or postnatal students and for people who want to find their yoga niche.

Key Takeaways:

[6:34] How did Shannon get into teaching Baby and Me yoga?

[8:37] Why does Shannon call her class “Baby and Me” yoga? Shannon shares some insight into her personal journey as a new mom.

[12:12] What might you see in a student that is coming to a yoga class postnatally?

[16:20] Shannon shares a little about maternity leave, and why supporting new parents is so important.

[20:11] Timing is also important when it comes to Baby and Me yoga. When can new parents start coming to Baby and Me yoga?

[22:04] Where will you be teaching Baby and Me yoga?

[23:32] Baby and Me yoga is very different from traditional yoga classes with adults. Shannon has some tips and tricks for you.

[28:32] If you’d like to learn more about the elements Shannon includes in her Baby and Me yoga class, you can attend the MamaNuture Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training or check out the Online Course that goes into more detail about this.

[29:20] What are the 8 elements that Shannon includes in Baby and Me yoga?

[30:19] Shannon dives into the element of songs and sounds.

[32:54] Shannon’s second element is infant massage. How does that tie into Baby and Me yoga?

[36:03] Element #3 is musical movement. Music is as important as movement in a child’s development.

[39:20] Shannon incorporates sign language in her Baby and Me yoga classes. She has some tips on how best to do it.

[44:21] #5: Baby poses – the key to this is to really follow baby’s lead.

[47:55] Community time is another element of Shannon’s Baby and Me yoga classes. She highlights why this is an important part of the class.

[50:39] The next element is independent practice, and how that helps parents reconnect with themselves.

[51:54] Baby and me breath is the final element. Shannon shares an example of a practice she uses.

[55:00] Shannon ends with her final insights about yoga and how it can help parents and babies.

[57:46] What is your one takeaway from this episode about teaching to postnatal parents? Share your thoughts!


Mama Nurture Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training  (Training no longer being offered by Shannon Crow because she has niched down)

Online Course on Baby and Me Yoga  (Training no longer being offered by Shannon Crow because she has niched down)

The Genius of Natural Childhood, by Sally Goddard Blythe

Itsy Bitsy Yoga, by Helen Garabedian

Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers and Babies by Laura Staton and Sarah Perron

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Quotes from Shannon Crow:

“Your baby doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, and you have to figure out what that little human needs.”

“Sometimes we’re feeling shame or ashamed of what we need as parents when it comes to work.”

“Be careful about judging, others for sure, but also yourself.”

“Touch between parent and baby is another form of communication. It’s a really clear and concrete way to express love.”

“This Baby and Me yoga class is a really great place to practice and learn together.”

“You’re not only dealing with parents, you’re also dealing with what baby needs.”

“Baby and me yoga offers parents a gentle practice to reconnect with body and breath. In this time, they can bond with baby, and also connect to other parents.”