088: Creating Professional Yoga Videos with Kira Sloane

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could connect with your yoga students in the comfort of their own home? With Yoga Anytime, Kira Sloane not only teaches yoga online but also helps other yoga teachers share their yoga online.

Kira was drawn to teaching yoga from her very first savasana. After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 1995, she turned to yoga to find relief for her pain and immediately wanted to share the sense of well-being she experienced with others. Today, Kira works for yoga to spread the healing she has experienced in her own practice by making videos and offering online yoga courses.

Videos are a great tool for reaching a large audience, but all that can backfire if your videos are not professional and well done. Kira reveals what she has learned from creating over 2000 yoga videos – from what kind of clothing works for the camera, to how to focus on your viewer beyond the lens, and why doing yoga on videos is ultimately all about connection and relationships, both with your audience and yourself.

Whether you’re already a veteran at making yoga videos, or a newbie to the scene, you’re sure to get some great tips and insights about what it takes to make a truly great, professional yoga video.

Key Takeaways:

[5:55] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Kira Sloane.

[7:40] How did Kira’s yoga journey start?

[10:18] What does Kira do now, specifically with Yoga Anytime?

[11:40] Shannon shares how she got to know Kira and her experience with Yoga Anytime both as a practitioner and in recording her video about yoga for pelvic health.

[15:23] Kira highlights how having inner awareness and being comfortable with difficult feelings can help us get through tough situations.

[17:18] Shannon and Kira discuss the importance of clothing choice when it comes to recording yoga on video.

[23:51] The way Kira has set up video recording for yoga is different. She explains the reframing she does with the viewer in mind.

[26:57] Editing decisions also need to be made about the video after it has been filmed.

[27:56] What is the importance of looking at the camera when filming?

[31:49] What are some strategies yoga teachers filming their own videos can use to help them focus on the camera? Kira dives into the importance of establishing that connection with your viewer.

[37:57] What is the ideal length for an online video?

[41:15] Kira encourages yoga teachers to consider what terms get searched when people are looking for yoga videos and to cater to their needs as a way to communicate and connect.

[46:09] Another important aspect of yoga on video is cueing – giving directions assuming the viewer is not watching.

[49:12] Let yoga happen while you’re filming.

[51:18] Audio quality is also crucial to a good yoga video.

[52:42] Kira reviews the key things to creating a great yoga video and gives us some tips for getting started.

[57:35] Shannon reveals some tidbits about her very first Facebook live videos.

[58:20] Being willing to put yourself out there makes you freer with who you are.

[1:01:05] Reach out to Kira via email, and do check out her videos at Yoga Anytime.

[1:04:22] Shannon shares her biggest takeaways from this episode. What was yours?
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