086: Live Video for Yoga Teachers with Ian Gray

Live video is taking the online world by storm, and it’s not a trend is going away soon. How can yoga teachers get on board and harness the power of video? Ian Gray of Seriously Social has tips, strategies, and advice on how you can use live video as a yoga teacher to share video content.

Ian is a man of many talents. Not only is he an international speaker, trainer, teacher, web developer and consultant who specializes in live video, he is also a husband, father of two, professional singer and self-professed geek. Through his company Seriously Social, and his weekly Facebook Live video show, The Free Range Social Show, Ian helps business owners and entrepreneurs use live video to build and expand their businesses.

Doing a live video can seem incredibly scary, but feeling nervous is a very natural response. Ian shares some of his own personal experiences getting started with live video, and his strategies to get over your fear. He also reveals the three main barriers people have when it comes to doing live video, and how you can break through them. He explains why consistency and having a group to lean on for support can make all the difference in getting on board with live video. Ian also breaks down the different live video platforms, and how they can be used to reach your target audience.

If you’re interested in sharing video content but aren’t sure how to get started, this episode is just for you.

Key Takeaways:

[4:40] Shannon welcomes Ian Gray on the show.

[6:09] What got Ian interested in focusing on live video?

[8:02] Shannon and Ian discuss the naturalness of feeling nervous in a live video.

[9:26] What are some of the fears that people have when doing a live video?

[12:15] Ian has some strategies to help people get over their fear of live video.

[16:10] For people who experience a really high level of fear when it comes to live video, Ian recommends using Instagram stories.

[17:20] Shannon shares her personal experience in getting on board with live video.

[18:30] Getting a group together to do live videos consistently can help create the habit of creating live videos.

[21:07] Which platform should you choose for your videos?

[23:58] We need people who don’t fit the stereotype of people doing live videos!

[26:15] Instagram stories is a good place to get your feet wet with live video.

[27:22] What tools does Ian use to achieve the split screen on his show, and invite guests on?

[30:37] Ian highlights the three main barriers to doing live video.

[32:20] How does Ian manage the content for each live video that he does so he doesn’t go off track?

[37:53] A common problem with live video software is the audio not syncing up with the video. Ian shares his tips to solve this problem.

[41:47] In terms of consistency, does Ian go live at the same day and time every week?

[44:26] Shannon wraps up with some of her key takeaways.


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