081: Set-Up to Teach Private Yoga [Consultation Call] with Stephanie Brunson

Do you or have you considered teaching private yoga classes as a way to set up or grow a yoga business? If so, this episode is for you!

Shannon shares a consultation call with the kind permission of Stephanie Brunson. Stephanie has been teaching yoga for 10 years and has recently come to the realization that teaching students one-on-one is a viable option for her. She is excited at the prospect of changing focus but is asking where to start with her new endeavor.

Stephanie  turned to The Connect Yoga Teacher Facebook group and asked:

Can anyone help me with setting up in home yoga lessons? I have been teaching now for almost 10 years and have recently been asked to teach private sessions. I don’t even know where to begin. Liability, waivers, session goals sheets, session pricing? Packages or partner lessons? Any help or advice is appreciated.

With her experience as a consultant to yoga teachers and teaching private yoga classes Shannon guides Stephanie through some key considerations along with some of the benefits, she has found teaching one-on-one. Shannon also sends Stephanie off with some concrete steps as she moves toward her goals.

[10:20] Stephanie’s question to The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group

[11:10] Stephanie’s struggle to set her prices and to articulate what she is offering

[11:50] The mindset around private yoga versus other one-on-one teaching situations (such as piano lessons) and the benefit of teaching private yoga classes

[17:40] Your first session with your client- bring a liability and waiver form to help with intake and asking your client to do some movement for assessment (while avoiding diagnosing conditions)

[21:40] Thinking about working with a client as part of their team (even if their team hasn’t been established yet) and on keeping clear boundaries with your scope of practice

[26:20] Asking your client what their goals are and on meeting them where they are and keeping track of their progress

[28:30] Designing package rates

[30:35] Shannon walks Stephanie through what to consider when setting her rates

[34:05] Considering safety and liability issues when going to your client’s home or holding the session in your home

[35:55] Considering prices for a session with 2 or more people (semi-private)

[37:00] Marketing and advertising and the benefit of word-of-mouth

[39:50] Creating social media posts that address potential clients fears and special needs or perhaps offering specialized services (such as couples yoga or yoga for back pain)

[44:15] Stephanie asks about online one-on-one sessions

[46:30] Stephanie considers good places to advertise to target her audience

[48:40] Scheduling your clients and organizing your schedule and thinking ahead to create seasonal specials

[51:15] Stephanie’s realization that there is a market for private yoga

[52:00] The joy Shannon has found working with clients one-on-one

[52:55] Shannon sets up Stephanie’s first steps for advertising and guidance with growing her private yoga business

[56:00] Shannon’s key takeaways:

  1. Teaching one-one is easier than teaching to a group
  2. Feedback and modifications happen easily when teaching one-on-one
  3. Work one-on-one with a yoga mentor so that you have experience as the student
  4. Bring a waiver form
  5. Ask questions:

Do they have any conditions? How does it affect them (symptoms)

Their stress levels- at work and at home

Pain levels on a scale from 1-10

Ask clients to do some movements to assess

Make sure to have a notepad

  1. Consider yourself part of a health-care team (work in your scope of practice) and create a list so you are able to refer your client to specialists
  2. Empower your client to create yoga goals
  3. Consider your prices and the possibility of offering packages
  4. Location- in your space or your client’s or somewhere else
  5. Marketing and advertising through social media, websites and more
  6. Create your private yoga schedule
  7. Consider niching down to provide specialized services

Pick one actionable item and share with Shannon. It can be something from the list or something else that works for you.


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