078: Creating an Online Studio with Brea Johnson


Brea Johnson has over 16 years of yoga teaching under her belt and has recently ventured into the world of online teaching. Finding herself tired of the class grind she refined what and how she teaches and in doing, so she was able to define her niche. In shifting her focus, she also found herself turning to a more sustainable approach to yoga by bringing in movement education and research to enhance her yoga teaching. This approach has attracted an international audience which inspired Brea to offer online classes and teacher trainings.


With an open and authentic spirit, Brea shares her experience with creating and offering online content. She shares how teaching in this format works for her lifestyle and how she loves being able to dive deeper into teaching and being able to cover more details through her online offerings that she isn’t able to cover in her weekly class.


There are, of course, many challenges. Shannon also shares her experience with her online offerings and dispels the myth that online teaching can provide a comfortable passive income when it is, in fact, an ongoing process.


Brea and Shannon also discuss online platforms to host your videos, equipment suggestions, and Brea’s method of offering online memberships. An episode filled with great advice, Brea sums it up best: “The first step is to be bold enough to put yourself out there.”

[5:30] What moved Brea to teach online


[7:20] What led Brea to define her niche and her “ yoga existential crisis”


[11:20] What Brea found the most challenging aspect of offering online classes


[12:40] How Brea’s online class membership works; library of classes, filters to help students find a class that works for them e.g. focused on a certain area of the body, energy level


[15:50] On how she found the perfect time to shift her focus


[17:00] How often Brea adds new classes to her online collection


[19:15] The choice to hire professionals to film DIY and Brea’s experience filming the classes herself and equipment she uses


[21:00] Brea’s suggestion on choosing a wireless mic


[24:00] Other video making advice; the camera, lighting, shooting the video


[30:10] Brea’s editing process and the editing program she uses


[31:35] Brea’s approach to keeping in touch with her clients and offering classes and on her choice to teach without notes


[32:55] Which platform Brea uses to host her classes online


[35:35] Brea’s online YTT offering and the importance of teaching movement teacher trainings


[42:35] On Brea’s rebellious nature


[43:20] Shannon and Brea discuss the accessibility of online classes and trainings such as reaching an international audience, and focusing on “How can I provide online classes?” rather than simply “Can it be done?”


[46:15] How to reach Brea and access her free content and how pleased she is when those access her free online content


[48:30] The importance of seeing a diversity of ages in our yoga teachers in online content


[53:05] Shannon’s final thoughts and her experience putting herself out there online, feeling vulnerable, and her advice to you if you’re thinking of offering online courses




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