076: Designing A Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Scott

Think back to your first 200-hour yoga teacher training. What was it like? Did it fit your learning style? What do you wish was included? If you’ve given these questions some thought perhaps designing and teaching yoga teacher training is a path for you.

Shannon came across Rachel Scott in a serendipitous-like fashion. Rachel had shared photos on the Pixabay (a free image-sharing site), and Shannon used one for her online 5-Day Content Creation Challenge. Noticing that Rachel was a yoga teacher, Shannon clicked on the link to Rachel’s site. Discovering that Rachel did consultation work with yoga teachers interested in designing their own YTT, (a topic Shannon wanted to cover on the show), Shannon took the opportunity to invite Rachel on the podcast as a guest.

Rachel is an educational designer and teacher whose mission is to support yoga teachers and studios to create their own excellently crafted and delivered teacher trainings. She has worked in education for nearly twenty years and led the Teachers College at one of Canada’s largest yoga studios for more than seven. The author of two yoga books, she hosts an award-winning blog and has contributed to several publications. Rachel has a BA from Columbia University, Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Learning Technology. She describes herself as “part nerd, part creative artist”, believing in elevating strengths, laughing out loud, and taking a few deep breaths.

With warmth and wisdom, Shannon and Rachel discuss the pros and cons of designing a yoga teacher course, how to determine if this path is right for you, teaching and planning strategies and much more.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. What would you like to see included in a yoga teacher training? Have you given thought to teaching one?

[11:30] How Rachel become interested in helping yoga teachers create their own yoga YTT and her process of becoming a consultant

[17:45] Rachel’s perspective on creating online yoga content with good intentions (versus income-focused)

[19:05] Rachel’s approach to guiding teachers through designing a YTT

[22:00] How do yoga teachers know if they’re ready to create a yoga teacher training, the qualities of a good teacher and defining where strengths and interest lies

[26:00] How to test the waters to help you decide if you would like to teach a YTT and considering training for becoming a good teacher

[28:05] “One of the reasons to teach is to learn” -don’t feel pressured to go into teaching “knowing all”

[30:00] Helping students learn versus telling students what you know and Rachel’s first time leading a YTT and learning the significance of this “creating an environment where people can make mistakes” a practice and actively learning instead of students sitting and listening

[33:10] Is there a downside of designing a YTT and pitfalls to avoid

[36:35] Considerations to help you determine what to charge for your YTT

[41:20] How much content can students manage to process in a day and strategies that can help

[44:40] Rachel’s thoughts on improving YTTs she has attended- finding a way to give feedback to students, some form of accountability, clarity in what students will learn from a course

[49:10] The services Rachel provides and how to work with her

[53:15] Shannon’s wrap up and final thoughts on offering yoga teacher trainings


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