074: The 8 Limbs [Part 2] with Jennie Lee

On last week’s episode Shannon gave us an overview of The 8 Limbs and on today’s episode, Shannon takes a deeper look with guest Jennie Lee author of True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment.

Jennie Lee is a yoga therapist, teacher, speaker and writer who specializes in Classical Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Wellness.  Shannon met Jennie through a post on The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group. Group members highly recommended Jennie’s book as a fresh look at the 8 limbs and one they use to inform their teaching and personal practice.

It is Jennie’s belief that the 8-fold path is fundamental for yoga teachers to understand and wrote the book with the intention of building a bridge between the classical texts of yoga and what we’re seeing in the yoga practice today. She wanted to make the eight limbs accessible to yoga teachers and students using layman terms with practical applications to everyday life.  

Jennie opens up about her life challenges and how The 8 Limbs have helped her navigate the hardest times, how she applies it to her work as a yoga therapist, and her new book Breathing Love: Meditation in Action.

[7:35] Jennie Lee’s yoga journey

[10:15] What is Spiritual Psychology?

[11:40] Shannon asks Jennie what inspired her to write a book that explores the yoga sutras in depth

[15:05] Jennie Lee takes a look at Saucha (found within the Niyamas) and how the principle can be applied to in our everyday lives

[18:30] The last 4 sutras: Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi- their similarities and differences

[20:55] Is it possible for humans to experience Samadhi and Jennie Lee’s caution around trying to reach this state

[24:00] The emphasis put on Asana by 20th Century Western culture

[26:10] How can a yoga teacher bring the 8 Limbs into their classes

[28:35] The meaning Isvara pranidhana has brought to Jennie’s life, especially when going through difficult times and the benefit of surrendering to the power that is greater than you (for Jennie it is Love)

[32:05] The challenge Jennie Lee has found in practising Pratyahara and how “unplugging” is key

[34:40] Tapas– considering doing less instead of more

[38:00] Dhyana (meditation) and how Jennie has made this an everyday practice and that “not enough time” isn’t a good excuse

[42:10] How the 8 Limbs inform Jennie’s yoga therapy practice

[43:45] How to connect with Jennie

[44:30] Jennie’s new book: Breathing Love: Meditation in Action

[46:45] Shannon’s final thoughts and invitation to join her for Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training September 22nd and 23rd, 2018


Jennie’s Website: Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy

Jennie Lee’s Books:

True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment (2016)

Breathing Love: Meditation in Action (2018)

There is one copy of each book available to win.
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