072: Email and Content Strategy (Consultation Call) with Kristen Boyle


On today’s episode, Shannon shares a consultation call with client Kristen Boyle, a yoga teacher from Denver, Colorado. This episode is ideal for any yoga teacher that has thought about growing their yoga business.


Kristen has been teaching alignment based yoga in a studio setting for over 10 years. She is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, a Yoga Therapist in training, and leads 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher trainings. In addition to all that great work, Kristen has been moving away from studio teaching and focusing on her personal yoga business, including private yoga sessions, workshops (online and in person) with a particular focus on continuing education for yoga teachers.


Through this consultation call with Shannon, Kristen reveals that her top priority is to grow her yoga business by reaching out to a larger audience. Shannon poses many important questions to help narrow down the focus of Kristen’s offerings and together they brainstorm the best way to reach those who would benefit from her services.


Other topics covered in the call are: the best way to present content and advertise your services (including email campaigns), considerations if you’re thinking about creating a webinar and the importance of being consistent with the output of your content.


[4:41] Kristen’s yoga journey and the evolution of her business


[6:35] What Kristen considers to be her biggest business challenge and where she feels she should direct her focus to increase her revenue stream


[9:55] What offering Kristen would like to focus on


[11:55] Shannon discusses email service providers like MailChimp and the benefit of professional guidance


[13:20] Focusing on content creation after determining your niche and your unique way of providing your services


[17:20] Considerations when deciding whether or not to continue in-person teaching as your online content grows


[18:20] Shannon suggests how to choose topics to focus on in your online offerings


[19:50] Kristen’s decision to concentrate on calls versus webinars


[20:45] Kristen’s Business of Yoga Facebook Group and the challenge of inspiring the group members to post


[24:20] Shannon describes the importance of creating your “Lead Magnet” which speaks to the struggle your audience is facing


[25:00] The value of creating your email flow before you have people opt-in- decide how often you want to send emails and have newsletters prepared ahead of time


[26:10] Providing an option for a client to replay a video if they miss the session along with privacy and storage issues


[29:10] Webinar considerations: the importance of being straightforward when offering a webinar, considering another term for webinar, and determining the number of emails you want to send out before and after the webinar


[32:45] Creating content by determining where your comfort level lies e.g. through videos, pictures, text, etc.


[34:00] If unsure where you shine make a commitment to use one content medium, such as video, for a certain period of time


[35:35] Shannon and Kristen brainstorm content Kristen can offer through commonly asked questions from newly certified yoga teachers


[38:30] Sharing information through emails- one tip at a time


[40:15] Building up your website by adding content


[41:20] Putting aside time for content creation and the importance of being consistent with your offerings e.g. once-a-month


[46:05] Asking yourself how your offering will pay you and determining your rates


[49:25] Making it as easy as possible for potential clients to work with you


[51:45] Offering levels of content- free versus paying membership content


[58:50] Shannon’s final thoughts and wrap-up



Kristen’s Email: indieflowyoga@gmail.com


Kristen’s Indie Flow Yoga Website


Kristen’s FB Group: The Business of Yoga Facebook Group


Fizzle.Co- Training, Coaching, Support and Community


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