066: Online Scheduling Tool for Yoga Teachers
with Jane Crites

When Shannon began The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast she had a vision to create a safe and supportive community for yoga teachers along with great content shared on a weekly basis. Shannon didn’t have immediate plans to find a sponsor but knew that the podcast’s sponsor would have to offer services that she herself used and about which she could speak passionately. Shannon also felt strongly that she wanted the service to be relevant to yoga teachers. Schedulicity, an online booking application and scheduling tool that Shannon has used since 2011, checked all the boxes.

Through a consultation call with her business coach Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix, she was encouraged to create a plan to monetize The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast. Shannon realized that she needed to focus on marketing and sponsorship as those elements would make the longevity of the podcast possible.

Today’s guest is Schedulicity’s Jane Crites, VP of Product. Jane began working for the company in 2007.  Shannon and Jane talk about Jane’s love of yoga, upcoming enhancements to their services, the power of scheduling and more.

Jane does the work that lights her up in a position that allows her to problem-solve with customers. Jane has been instrumental in putting energy towards marketing to yoga teachers and studios as well as focusing on how Schedulicity’s services can benefit yoga entrepreneurs.

Jane lives in Bozeman, Montana (also Schedulicity’s headquarters), and describes the winter landscape as a frozen tundra but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has a variety of interests including yoga (sometimes hot yoga in the winter ), software development languages, has a whole foods plant-based culinary/nutrition certification and is excited to design and create a permaculture food forest in her front yard.

[2:20] How Schedulicity became The Connected Yoga Teacher’s sponsor

[5:00] Shannon’s journey to monetizing the podcast

[7:15] About Jane Crites from Schedulicity

[9:50] The origin of Schedulicity

[10:10] Jane’s experience working with Schedulicity

[12:25]  How Schedulicity is able to offer services for free

[15:00] Is Jane finding an increase of yoga teacher and studio users?

[16:05] How Schedulicity can serve new yoga teachers

[17:55] Upcoming plans for Schedulicity enhancements like “Fill My Class” and community-based cross-promotional opportunities

[21:25] How Jane and the Schedulicity team implement customer suggestions- including Shannon’s 🙂

[24:40] Creating your client database to help with marketing your classes

[25:20] Jane’s yoga journey and interest in yoga teacher training

[28:40] Other Schedulicity RockStars’ passion for yoga

[29:55] Jane’s advice for those thinking of trying Schedulicity

[32:15] Shannon’s key takeaways about the power of scheduling your one-on-ones and more

[35:55] Exciting MamaNurture Teacher Training news!


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