065: Create Your Ideal Schedule with Shannon Crow


Shannon was inspired to create an episode to answer a question she is frequently asked: How does she do it all?


Shannon is the first to say she has a packed schedule and that fitting everything in can certainly be a challenge. Over the years, working as an entrepreneur, Shannon has learned many tips and tricks and they’re always evolving to help her create and implement her ideal schedule.


There are many questions asked, tools you can use, and further reading and resources that are mentioned in today’s episode, but, don’t feel you have to take everything on.  As Shannon says, pick just one thing to start; maybe something that would make the biggest impact or would be the easiest to incorporate into your life and work on that. Integrate that one thing and if you have that down you can return to this episode for another tool or resource.


In our busy world scheduling to use your time in an optimal way is quite a challenge. Remember not to be too hard on yourself- no one has this down to a science but a few tweaks in your planning might make a world of difference. We’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these techniques or if have any of your own suggestions. What do you find works for you?

[6:05]  When are you working and when do you have time off? What do you want to do with your time off?  What fills you up that is not work-related?


[7:55] Look at that daily work schedule- when are you working, when are your breaks and when are you ending your day? Think about your ideal work week, month, and year. Where you are now vs. where are we headed.


[10:10] Appointments with yourself are necessary to fuel you. When you’re scheduling time off do you stick to it? Distractions from family, other work, etc interfering? Move your appointment with yourself somewhere else on the calendar.


[12:15] The best time of day for you to teach? Do you feel like you have to work when it is convenient for the studio or students? You might be surprised by the turn out when you choose your best time.


[14:45] What is your ideal yoga class? 1:1 or group classes? How many classes per week? What would this look like if money wasn’t a factor?


[16:10] Scheduling software- helps you clarify when you can book in classes or one-on-one appointments, your breaks, time between appointments so people can come and go without rushing


**Limited time vs. Lack of time: reframing language around your schedule so you aren’t perceiving that there is never enough time**


[20:15] Money Mindset- how much do you need to teach to make ends meet? What is your hourly rate?


[21:20] Time Blocking- daily, weekly, and monthly


Shannon’s Week:


MONDAY – Content Creation


WEDNESDAY – Podcast Day

THURSDAY – Consultation Calls

FRIDAY – Catch up day – podcast ready for Monday


[26:00] Time blocking helps prevent Decision Fatigue


[26:35] Ideally spend 15 minutes a day to wrap-up your day


Review your day put the to-do items on your calendar that came up during the day


Mind Dump if there is a tornado of thoughts and to-dos write them all down and see what needs to be added to your calendar


Prioritize and Plan for tomorrow put the high priority tasks on your calendar for the next day and perhaps going further into your week or month


[29:35] List things you are spending your time doing. What are the things you enjoy doing? What are the things you find yourself avoiding? It may reveal if you’re losing time doing activities that aren’t a priority.


[30:40] Blocking out time for a specific task such as a workshop- you may need to block out time every day for a week for example, but the idea is that you’re putting some boundaries around the time you spend so it doesn’t get away from you


[31:30] Time blocking specific to yoga teachers:


  1. Personal Practice– 8-Limb focused (not just asana)
  2. Marketing – can include talking about what you do, email, social media, public speaking, newspaper advertisements, posters, business cards, videos and more
  3. Yoga offerings – workshops, classes, 1:1, retreats, online videos, blog posts


**Don’t forget to include your travel and set up time**


  1. Learning – yoga teacher training, reading, studying, videos, courses, yoga teacher training  


**Small regular drips of information are better than a flood of information, especially if your schedule is already packed **


  1. Planning and Preparation of Yoga offerings
  2. Other – Add what you’d like here such as accounting and email


[37:00] Self-study (SVADHYAYA) to determine how you best work- Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you best start off your work day? How does your energy tend to unfold throughout the day?


[39:30] “Eat Your Frog First” and “The One Thing”- What is the one thing that needs to get done? If you’re feeling overwhelmed pick just one thing that you are going to get done today and make the goal achievable, measurable, and specific


[43:50]  Ask what is the one thing that will help me generate income for my yoga business at the beginning of the day or the end of the day and plan tomorrow. How much time do you need to complete this? If it seems overwhelming create micro goals in 60-90 minute blocks.


[45:40] Ask if you can outsource some of your to-do list? Household chores, accounting, website graphics, etc.


[47:05] Looking at your yoga business as having seasons- it’s okay to focus on one thing and put other projects on the back burner


[48:30] Airport Test (created by Pat Flynn) to help look at the big picture


[50:15] Set yourself up for success by cutting off distractions, time block for the distracting times eg. timer for using Facebook, and a few other recommended resources



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