Have you completed your yoga teacher training and are preparing yourself to look for employment? Shannon and Kristen Sweeney have your back with clear steps to getting hired by a yoga studio that, most importantly, is the right fit for you. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, the studio, and your students.

Kristen Sweeney remembers the first yoga class that lit her up. She was a working as a dancer in Las Vegas, Nevada and tried a Bikram Hot Yoga class. She was “sweaty, drenched, exhausted, hooked, and exhilarated.” Later, as an actor living in New York city, she found yoga to be grounding, gave her a refuge and a sense of safety at a time when her life was hectic, outward facing, and approval seeking.

Kristen reached a point in her life when she wanted to find work that felt rewarding on a daily basis. That led her to teach yoga and share her insights on her blog. Finding a strong connection between herself and yoga teachers through her posts, she wondered if there was something more to explore. Kristen niched down further to create her business Edge of the Mat and is now a business coach for yoga teachers.

On today’s episode, you will be guided through the steps to find the teaching job that is right for you. The steps will take you through a process to determine where you’d like to teach, how to approach the studio, what to expect when you audition and much more. Kristen has also kindly shared the PDF The Yogi’s Guide to Teaching at a New Studio for when you’ve landed the job. You’ve got this and we wish you all the best in finding the work that lights you up!  

[07:30] How Kristen’s yoga journey began

[10:55] What led Kristen to write her blog Edge of the Mat and how she expanded it into a business

[14:20] Was there a gradual realization or a light bulb moment that led her to clearly define her niche

[16:50] Step-by-step process to approach studios

[17:10] Step 1: Discern which studios you want to approach

  1. If you research to find the studios that fit with you, you are more likely to get the job
  2. Important to be able to approach a variety of studios, gyms and community centers- are they close and easy to commute to?
  3. Does the community vibe match your style of teaching
  4. What is your ideal class size?
  5. What do you want in the experience of teaching? What studios fit you?
  6. Where would I like to work- be choosy and shift that mindset from desperation to personal choice
  7. Take a variety of classes at the locations to find a good fit

[22:35] Step 2: Approach the teacher of the class you’ve been taking and approach them with a 2 to 3 sentence ‘pitch’ or introduction including:

  • Thanking them for class and what you liked about it
  • What you love about the studio and community
  • Asking who would you connect with to set up an audition
  • Leave resumé and consider including your resumé on your website

[26:05] Step 3: Planning and Preparing for the audition

[30:25] What to do if you don’t hear back from the studio

  • Follow up- email
  • Show up in person and take one of their classes
  • Don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back, studios get many emails
  • Sometimes it takes quite a while for to hear back- even months!
  • Worth checking in a few months later (in person) to see if a spot has opened up
  • Don’t take it too personally and letting it breathe for a while

[33:50] Tips and tricks for teachers auditioning

  • Prepare 🙂
  • Detailed sequence planning
  • Create class arc even if it’s a short audition
  • In a Round Robin, situation be prepared to change up your plan depending on your place in the class
  • Structure gives you freedom
  • Prepare yourself for your professional best- externally and internally so you show up as your best, most confident self

[38:30] Step 4: Feedback

  • 1:1 time with the studio manager
  • Be open to feedback
  • Feel free to engage and ask questions about the feedback so you can evolve as a yoga teacher

Step 5: Follow Up

  • Auditioner will hopefully let you know what the next steps are (repeat the instructions to make sure it’s clear and follow up)

[41:05] Step 6: Yes, no or Maybe

What is the next step if you get a “thanks but no thanks”

     Possible reasons:

  1. Missing self-awareness that misidentified the place as the right fit for you (move on)
  2. Studio felt as though you’re not a good fit or that you’re not quite ready skill-wise to join (check in again in the future)

[43:30] Coming from a place of personal choice instead of a place of desperation

[44:05] How you can work with Kristen

[45:20] Shannon’s wrap-up and action steps


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