063: Secrets of Successful Full-Time Yoga Teachers with Ashley Zuberi

Ashley Zuberi has been a full-time yoga teacher for three years and acknowledges it has been a struggle. While considering her own challenges, Ashley became curious about the struggles of her fellow teachers. Recognizing there are several variables that affect how successfully one can teach yoga full-time, Ashley created a set of questions that she could pose to other yoga teachers.


Ashley’s questionnaire was aimed at those who worked independently as a yoga teacher and earned 70% or more of their income from teaching yoga. Most of the respondents were female and living in North America though some answers came from China, Australia, and England. She wanted to get a sense from a group of teachers what it looks like to teach yoga full-time. Ashley’s hope was to uncover patterns, tips, and tricks that could be shared across the yoga community on the whole


The answers revealed much that surprised Ashley. For example, she found that 32% of the respondents are able to make a living by teaching alone, which was happily more than she expected.  Ashley also discovered that the teachers worked an average 42 hours per week and that regardless of the hours spent working (between 20-80 hours per week,) most respondents felt they worked too much. Other revelations were around income, teacher burnout, mindset, (how you describe your job and market yourself, for example) and yoga community connection (or disconnection).


Ashley began her yoga journey by following a class on DVD and later attended classes at her local gym based on the recommendation of a friend. This enhanced her life in on several levels including physically, socially, and spiritually. The first yoga teacher training she attended was a 200-hour Power Vinyasa training from Jason Bowman and Derise Diatta at CorePower Yoga Boulder in 2011.  Since then has expanded her knowledge by taking a variety of trainings. She loves to weave philosophy into her teaching which includes group classes, private yoga sessions, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings. In addition, she provides yoga teacher mentorship.



[5:45] How Shannon structures her Consultation Calls


[8:50] Ashley’s yoga journey


[9:50] Ashley’s yoga teacher project – 53 logistically challenging


[11:25] The difference between the yoga industry and other industry in regard to “set paths” and a measure of growth and success


[13:20] Interview process and how Ashley chose her interviewees


[14:25] Ashley’s key takeaways from the data collected


[18:30] What yoga teachers found to be their biggest challenges


[20:35] Their experience with yoga teacher burnout and anxiety around “never knowing enough”


[22:30] How Ashley compiled her data


[23:30] Mindset of yoga teacher influenced their answers-  do you consider yourself a yoga teacher or small business owner


[24:15] The reality of working for yourself


[26:20] Successful yoga teachers and innovative marketing


[28:20] What the interviews revealed about the marketing mindset,  Ashley’s personal experience with marketing and the importance of building relationships


[30:45] What Ashley took from the data and applied to her yoga business- Ashley’s decision to scale back from her online presence


Smart Passive Income vs. Smart Active Income


[34:20] Responses to the question “Do you feel supported?”


[39:25] How the lack of support felt within the yoga community can be addressed


[41:05] The struggle to commit to a personal practice and perhaps re-defining what that means to you


[43:20] What Ashley wishes yoga teachers would know after doing these interviews


[44:50] Balancing family and a yoga career and how the yoga community can help support this


[48:40] How to connect with Ashley


[51:30] Average yoga teacher income from respondents and how the mindset for making a living as a yoga teacher is a viable option for full-time work from teaching has evolved over time


[55:15] Shannon’s closing thoughts on the issues brought forward by Ashley’s report such as creating a supportive community in your area



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Yoga is a practice that asks us to look at ourselves and our lives so we can choose to live in alignment with our true values. The practice offers freedom, safety, and non-judgment to do this inner work. Embarking on this path is both an individual journey as well as a journey within our community and the world.”

~Ashley Josephine Zuberi