Accessible Yoga Sarah HeltThere has been a growing movement focused on making yoga accessible to all that has caught Shannon’s attention. On today’s episode Shannon has invited Sarah Helt, an Ambassador from the Accessible Yoga organization, to share her insight on this topic. Sarah speaks with great thoughtfulness about what led her to teach yoga with a concentration on accessibility, on how to make yoga classes more available to those with disabilities, and the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference.

Sarah was introduced to working with persons with disabilities through an apprenticeship program with senior Iyengar teacher Gabriel Halpern. This work became a great source of inspiration and led to her creation of NeuroYoga; an accessible style of teaching yoga and meditation geared toward persons with disabilities relating to the spinal cord and nervous system.

Sarah Helt is the Lead Teacher of Hot 8 Yoga, the Director of Communications and Marketing for Accessible Yoga along with her role as an Ambassador.

[4:25] Shannon’s reflections on making yoga accessible to all

[13:30] What to expect at The Accessible Yoga Conference

[15:50] What led Sarah to practice yoga and become involved in Accessible Yoga organization

[18:15] How Sarah began to notice a link between yoga and pain management

[18:55] How Sarah found her niche, her “soul work”

[20:35] Sarah reflects on the journey leading to her to work with persons with disabilities and if looking back there’s anything she would do differently

[22:15] On not letting fear hold you back from modifying poses for those with disabilities and on taking your time to build your successes

[23:55] On why there’s a separate conference for accessible yoga

[26:55] Yoga Accessibility Conference resource guide points to how meticulously those with disabilities have to plan to move in the world

[29:30] Sarah sums up the Accessible Yoga Conference

[30:40] What Sarah would like yoga teachers to incorporate into their classes to make them more accessible?

[33:30] Sarah’s involvement in the Accessible Yoga Conference and how to get in touch with the organization

[34:40] About the Accessible Yoga Ambassador program

[38:10] Shannon’s closing thoughts and key takeaways- when are teachers ready to teach one-on-one and how to make yoga classes more accessible


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“I think it’s really unfair that marginalized persons, such as those with disabilities, have to shoulder the burden to make society accept them.” ~Sarah Helt

“Unification will serve our world, as a whole.”
~Sarah Helt