Confidence & Self-Promotion with Julie Zuzek

Julie Zuzek’s passion for entrepreneurship is profound. As she says: “It is the most intense form of personal growth that you will ever go through.” As the founder of The Corporate Yogi, she has certainly found her calling; coaching yoga teachers as they navigate the often daunting world of entrepreneurship.

Julie has the experience to back-up her teachings, she began in the corporate world and worked there for 15 years before deciding to completely change focus and attend a yoga teacher training in the UK in 2009.  Yoga teacher training then led her to the world of entrepreneurship and she founded her business in 2011.

Julie thought that running a business would be easy enough but reflects that it is ‘the hardest and smartest’ thing she’s ever done. She learned the hard way that she’d have to work extremely hard- just like everybody else. She wants you to learn from her mistakes and brings with her a refreshingly honest and open view on entrepreneurship. In her podcast Conscious Business with the Corporate Yogi, she doesn’t ‘sugar coat things’ but does share gems to help yoga entrepreneurs gain confidence.

On today’s episode Shannon and Julie discuss how to gain confidence to self-promote, (a much-asked question in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group), taking on challenges one-step-at-a-time, letting comparisons go, and much more.

[05:35] Shannon follows her own advice on how to gain registrants for her course

[12:50] Julie’s yoga journey

[14:10] Entrepreneurship is the most intense form of personal growth that you will ever go through

[15:10] Julie’s advice on how to navigate “growth hangovers”

[17:50] How Julie defines conscious business- really being aware of who you are and focusing on personal growth and relationships

[19:50] How Julie weaves eastern and western philosophy into her teachings

[21:50] How does it look when a yoga teacher is lacking confidence?

[24:10] Imposter syndrome- everyone deals with this at various points in our lives

“Your challenges will always up-level relative to your ability to handle it”

[27:05] Julie’s advice on how yoga teachers gain confidence- ask what it takes to take the first step forward in a way that makes you feel safe

“Confidence comes from taking action”

[29:55] Being comfortable and confident with silence gives your students the opportunity to really communicate with their body

[30:55] Letting go of comparisons to others to find your unique style

[34:25] Faking it ‘til you make it?

[36:25] Ask and trust your students, having a beginner’s mindset

[38:00] How confidence is connected to marketing and self-promotion

“Self-promotion is a muscle we need to build”

[39:50] Meta-skill: asking permission in an authentic way

[43:05] Stay connected to your “Big Why”

“At the end of the day your self-promotion isn’t about you, it’s about putting yourself out there so you can share your gifts, your purpose, heal others.”

[44:35] The wonderful feeling of finding your niche and taking a leap in a direction to see if it fits for you

[46:10] How to connect with Julie through Business Coaching, Conscious Business Mastermind Coaching, Retreat Leadership Training or her podcast Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi

[48:45]  Shannon’s closing thoughts

Another wonderful thing that Julie said a few times “Get out of your head and into your heart.” -when it comes to building confidence when teaching


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