057: Feng Shui Your Yoga Space with Marina V. Umali

Shannon has invited designer Marina Umali to the show to answer some of the questions asked by many of you in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about setting up your yoga spaces.

Marina is a New York State certified interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner. She studied architecture at Parsons School of Design and Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also practices yoga and has had the opportunity to visit many yoga studios.

Shannon and Marina discuss setting up your at-home or studio space keeping direction, colours, fabric choices, lighting and more in mind. Marina also shares with us when and how to clear the energy of objects and spaces for a more peaceful practice and how yin energy can be expressed through design choices you make.

Marina’s work is a blend of striking design and practical functionality and the power of intention and good energy flow. She believes that deep, lasting improvements to your environment create deep, lasting improvements in your life. Most recently, Marina became certified as a cruelty-free designer.

[08:30] Marina’s journey to becoming an interior designer

[11:10] Marina’s top Feng Shui tips: 1) no clutter 2) command position

[13:50] Tips for clearing your clutter

[14:45] Is there any direction that we should we be facing?

[16:40] The relationship between Feng Shui and windows

[17:35] Colours for yoga spaces

[19:50] Organizing your yoga space within a room with various functions

[21:10] Other Feng Shui tips: 1) room in the back of house with yin energy 2) natural materials, soothing colours 3) options for lighting

[22:20] Marina’s recent cruelty-free certification

[24:15] Feng Shui fabric suggestions

[25:10] Tips on creating an altar space and clearing objects of past energy

[27:55] Clearing your yoga space before practicing (at home or before teaching your class)

[29:25] Clearing our minds before practicing yoga

[31:35] Feng Shui for your electronics

[33:30] Energy around your bed- the effect of books and storage

[36:55] Marina’s experience with energy in yoga spaces she’s visited

[37:45] A few more tips from Marina 1) use green cleaning products 2) paint with low VOCs 3) use inspirational quotes or graphics in your space

[38:45] The energy of mirrors in yoga studios

[39:30] How to work with Marina

[40:35] Shannon’s final thoughts and her big takeaway

Marina’s Website

Marina V Design Studio on Facebook

Marina V Design Studio on Instagram

Blog Post: How to Solve Health Problems with Feng Shui by Marina Umali

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