Thinkific is an online course software platform based in Vancouver BC, Canada. CEO Greg Smith was searching for a way to put his LSAT course online in order to reach more students. He saw the need for an online course platform and along with his co-founders designed software that would allow course creators to easily add their content online.

On today’s episode, Shannon speaks with Siddharth Bharath, a marketer and VP of growth at Thinkific. Sid, who at the time was a marketing consultant, was looking for an online platform to host his courses. He really liked Thinkific as a course platform because it was easy to use. He decided to contact Greg Smith with some marketing ideas and Greg was impressed enough to ask Sid to join their team and has been with them since.

Shannon picks Siddharth’s brain asking him what technology is needed to create a course, how much financial investment is involved, how students and teachers can interact, marketing your course and more.

[10:05] What led Sid to work for Thinkific

[12:40] How Thinkific can help you run a course

[14:45] The Thinkific plans so you can decide which financial investment works for you

[15:55] Do you need a website needed to run a Thinkific course

[16:50] What is the bare minimum technology needed to make a video

[18:30] What tools are needed for good audio

[19:55] Sid’s tips for creating a video

[20:40] How Thinkific facilitates the interactivity between students and teachers

[21:30] Yoga teachers who are producing courses with Thinkific

[23:25] The Thinkific team and culture of kindness

[25:30] The help available to Thinkific users

[26:25] Sid’s tips for marketing a course

[29:05] Videos as yoga class add-ons and how they can supplement your in-person classes

[29:25] Payment options for your customers such as one-off, monthly payment plans

[30:30] Sid’s last bit of advice: “Action beats perfection”

[31:50] How to get in touch with Sid and Thinkific

[32:15] Shannon’s wrap-up and key takeaways


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