1-Year Anniversary Episode

Welcome to The Connected Yoga Teacher one-year anniversary episode! Episode 001 of The Connected Yoga Teacher was launched on February 24th, 2017 and here we are, just over one year later with episode 054.

Shannon’s vision to provide a platform for yoga teachers to connect between trainings has grown in a way that she could never have imagined.

Always reading about and researching yoga topics, Shannon wanted to support other yoga teachers by sharing important and relevant information. She has invited a variety of guests to share valuable knowledge about a wide array of subject matters such as running a yoga business, pelvic health, eating disorders, yoga and social media, re-thinking stretching, and the importance of trauma-informed yoga.

Shannon provides a behind-the-scenes look at creating and maintaining The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group and the work put into the podcast each and every week. She also shares more about herself; her vulnerabilities and her view on making mistakes.

With much gratitude, we want to thank our listeners for taking this journey with us. Downloading the podcast and engaging with and supporting one another on The Connected Facebook Group keeps this community thriving.

Thank you also to The Connected Yoga Teacher team — Rob, Laura, Samantha and every single listener.

[2:25] Shannon’s journey that led her to the creating a podcast for yoga teachers and the fear that accompanied that

[4:40] Brainstorming in her red journal and finding the common thread was wanting to help yoga teachers

[5:10] Why Shannon thinks supporting other yoga teachers is so important

[5:40] How Shannon got her ideas for topics- from yoga consulting, connecting with and interviewing experts, reading articles

[6:40] The Connected Yoga Podcast team

[9:55] If you’re interested in making a podcast or creating content

[10:05] Some of the content Shannon wanted to include in the podcast and choosing her guest

[11:05] The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group- creating and maintaining the group

[12:05] Podcast listener and TCYT FB group member Barbara Peter’s question for Shannon: “Would you please do a podcast about everything you do behind the scenes to make everything in The Connected Yoga Teacher group page so wildly successful. Every minute detail. Hold nothing back.”

[13:00] Naming the podcast and making the choice to avoid asking others to join, hoping to grow the group organically

[14:20] July 2017 (5 months into the podcast)- 346 members, a solid foundation had been built with Shannon working hard to keep the members engaged

[14:55] Nov 2017 (9 months into the podcast) -1000 members, great questions and content posted regularly by members

[15:35] February 2018 (the one-year anniversary of the podcast)- over 2000 people (100 people added just this week!)

[15:40] 3 question set-up for those that want to join a group, post questions to start discussions, post questions on behalf of other teachers

[16:55] The challenge of making a welcome post that you can pin to the top of the group page, the purpose of the welcome post and tagging people in the group

[18:25] Shannon’s TCYT Facebook Group welcome post

[20:40] Context of people’s posts when it’s in writing, in text, easy misunderstandings challenges in moderating the group

[23:35] Online negativity and taking a look at your own reaction to posts, avoiding the knee-jerk reaction- “Can you say that in a more vulnerable way?”  

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[24:50] Question from Shelly Prosko of Prosko Physio Yoga: “My question for you relates to compassion and sense of community and connection…What is one thing that you’ve failed at or made a mistake of you’re struggling with right now if you can get a little vulnerable if you feel comfortable…”

[27:25] Shannon reflects her on making mistakes, owning up to them, embracing them, how her view of mistakes has changed over time

[36:15] When Shannon thought she was ready to launch the podcast and what she still had to consider

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[37:50] Steps needed make TCYT podcast

[42:20] How Shannon got Schedulicity as a sponsor

[44:30] Automation and engaging with guests and listeners through emails

[46:40] Show notes and our desire to have a great summary, quotes, timestamps and links

[47:50] How profit can be made through podcasts

[48:40] Shannon’s began using Facebook Live as a way to engage her audience

[49:30] Shannon’s Facebook Launch Party Event

[51:40] TCYT downloads statistics

Here are is a snapshot of our 2017 downloads.

[52:50] Shannon’s final thoughts and voicemail by TCYT podcast listener Haunani Drake

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Seth Godin’s Podcast 01: Akimbo- The Grand Opening– a great episode about launching a podcast

Dr. Kristin Neff’s website: Self-Compassion.org

Accessible Yoga Conference– June 22nd-24th, 2018 at the University of Toronto

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