050: Grow Your Yoga Base [Part 2] with Shannon Crow

Welcome to episode 50!

We are so happy that we’ve been able to keep growing and connecting with so many yoga teachers to discuss a wide variety of topics relevant to the yoga teacher career path.

The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and Facebook group has been brought to life by all of your support for one another, your humour and spirited discussions.

Thank you for all for your participation and feedback as it has provided much inspiration and momentum. You have helped to this little seed of an idea planted by Shannon Crow, who envisioned a supportive place for yoga teachers to raise each other up.

Thanks also to Rob, Laura and Samantha of The Connected Yoga Teacher team for so much of the work that goes into getting every episode to you.

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In Part 2 of Grow Your Yoga Student Base, Shannon continues to share steps to help you attract more yoga students. No need to tackle them all at once, simply do one thing and when you hit a comfort zone move on to another action item. Areas explored include connecting with students in and out of class, offering gifts and discounts and being authentic; because as Shannon says, you’ve got this! You have everything within yourself to attract the students who will benefit from your unique services.

[12:30] Recap of Part 1 of Grow Your Yoga Base

[14:20] 7) Connect with students  a) In class

[17:25] ACTION ITEM:  If possible place yourself at the exit and the entrance to greet and say goodbye

[18:20] 7) Connect with students b) Outside of class

[23:20] ACTION ITEM: Get a list of your students and their contact information- their phone number, email and maybe even a mailing address

[24:35] 8) Posters and Business Cards

Keep posters with you and ready to pass out or put up. It’s handy to have a poster travel kit with you that includes a variety of ways to hang your posters such as tape and tacks.

Consider getting business cards to hand out or other creative way to pass on your information such as brochures and bookmarks.

ACTION ITEM: Create a poster or business card to have ready to pass out or hang up.

[28:25] 9) Get to know people’s preferences/check in

When you have a smaller class it’s a great opportunity to take the time to check in asking them what poses they enjoy and what parts of their bodies need some extra attention. You can incorporate the poses into your future classes each week.

ACTION ITEM: Choose 1 check in method and try it out in your next class

[30:55] 10) Offer the same thing every week. Offer something different every week.

It sounds contradictory but including the same poses can help students feel comfortable and internalize the poses and learn about these poses in relation to their bodies.

The opposite has its own benefit- adding a new thing will keep the students feeling challenged and increase their knowledge base.

“The opposite of a great truth is also true” –Gretchen Rubin

[32:25] ACTION ITEM: If you generally do the same thing, add something new or tweak a commonly used pose. If you often vary your classes quite a bit try the same flow each week in a session.

[33:10] 11) Gifts, treats, offers and discounts

Some examples of gifts and treats: quote on a paper, a yummy treat (could be healthy or semi-healthy like organic chocolate or ginger chews, maybe even something homemade), pose cards, candles, something that works with the holidays such as an ornament a Christmas or chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Some examples of offers and discounts: bring a friend for free, 5-class pass donation for a charity auction, punch card (with 10 stamps students earning them a free class), partnering with a local business or event (such as a free smoothie at a local eatery when you take a class).

[34:30] ACTION ITEM: Bring a treat to your next class which may work with your theme.

[34:35] 12) Assists

While some people love touch while others feel uncomfortable. If you or your students aren’t comfortable with touch, there are other ways to assist. Savasana can be a great place to start. A couple of ways to ensure your student is comfortable with touch is by using consent cards or by classes that include assists as a main focus.

The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast episodes to check out on this topic:

036: Thai Yoga Massage with Shai Plonski

004: Assisting Students Without Touch

015: Consent Cards and Hands-On Assists with Molly Kitchen

[36:00] ACTION ITEM: Learn one assist and practice it on another yoga teacher, your partner, friend or family member.

[36:35] 13) Strengthen your own yoga practice

Be the student. Attend other class to gain inspiration and nurture your own yoga practice. Attending workshops and trainings so you can continue to learn and grow as a yoga teacher.

TCYT podcast episodes to check out on this topic:

001: How to Avoid Yoga Teacher Burnout with Erin Aquin

002: How to Reconnect With Your Yoga Practice with Nina Andic

ACTION ITEM: Set a time and place to practice yoga.

[41:00] 14) Be authentic

Teaching what you know and be who you are. Don’t try to be like another teacher. You are unique and no one else can share yoga like you can.

ACTION ITEM:  Pick 5-10 yoga poses to strengthen your cues and unique voice. You can record yourself on your phone or jot down some notes to help you determine whether your using cues that make sense to you and your own personal experience in yoga.

[42:25] 15) Use a theme

There are so many ideas out there for themes and the sky’s the limit! You can subscribe to the Yoga Teacher Central newsletters as it has relevant theme ideas each week. A few examples are: anatomy focus, 8-limbs, chakras, elements, summer solstice, full moon.

ACTION ITEM: Look at your calendar and see what’s coming up for you, sit in meditation or draw a card and see what pops up for you- it might be one word or setting an intention

[43:40] 16) Create an amazing class

You’ve got this, you’re already an amazing teacher! When you speak in your authentic voice and you define your yoga niche and plan something new or fun along with the consistent yoga offerings you are doing fine.  Trust that the right students are coming to you at the right time.

ACTION ITEM: You are right on track and are now armed with 15 things to help you keep going.  And for the days when it isn’t feeling like the best class. Learn from it. Move forward with a deep breath. We have all been there and we have your back.


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