049: Grow Your Yoga Student Base [Part 1] with Shannon Crow

On today’s episode, Shannon wants to help you with one of the most frequently asked questions: how do I get more students to come to my class?

In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Shannon will take you through the steps that helped her grow her student base. Beginning with asking what is your ideal yoga class size to being patient and consistent as you build your students’ trust, Shannon shares 6 areas to consider with six actionable steps.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the actionable steps, just start with one this week and find out how it can work for you as you build your student base.

[6:15] 1) What is your ideal yoga class size?

Consider: How many students do you need to pay for your time, rent, fuel? After expenses how much profit would you like to make? How many students can fit comfortably in the space?

[7:35] Action Item: Once you have the ideal number of students in your head choose 1 of the 2 ways to visualize this:

  1. Sticky notes
  2. Student sign-in sheet

Put it somewhere you can see every day

[11:15] 2) Registered sessions

If you’re concerned about having enough students to cover your space rental, registered sessions are a great way to know what your income and expenses are going into the session.

[20:50] ACTION ITEM: Try running a registered session. See how it works for you, your student base and for the studio or rental space schedule

Offer something new and unique that you’re particularly passionate about.

A couple of examples:  a 4-week beginner series or a 6-week back care yoga series.

[22:00] 3) Define Your Yoga Niche

ACTION ITEM: If you can define what your unique yoga is and who your ideal yoga student is then you already have done this work! If you feel stuck on either of those or if marketing and content creation is a challenge enrol in  Define Your Yoga Niche: An Online Workshop or book a one-on-one Consultation Call with Shannon.

[25:25] 4) Create content that advertises and markets your yoga

[26:10] ACTION ITEM: Do the (Free) 5-Day Content Creation Challenge

[26:25] 5) Classes to suit your students

Are your yoga classes accessible? Are the classes that will attract the community you live in?

[28:50] ACTION ITEM: Find a way to check in with your students to see what kind of yoga they are looking for (email survey, phone call, talk with them at your next class).

If you don’t have students yet can you check in with people in your area? Attend some local classes to see what is popular, join or create a local Facebook group

Ask friends or ask on social media

Listen to Trevor Parks’ episode where Shannon asks Trevor a series of questions so he can define his ideal student

029: Creating Your About Me Page With Trevor Parks

Sign up for the Define Your Yoga Niche: An Online Workshop

[30:25] 6)  Be patient and consistent

Keep showing up for yourself and keep showing up for students. Don’t get discouraged if your class sizes are smaller at the beginning.

ACTION ITEM: Keep showing up to teach

While being consistent, be careful of yoga teacher burnout. It’s okay to take some time off or occasionally ask for another teacher to sub your class.

001: How to Avoid Yoga Teacher Burnout with Erin Aquin


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The Connected Yoga Teacher FB Group “Looking for Music for Restorative Yoga” thread- thanks to Brittany Boersma who is most definitely not looking for cheesy spa music 😉

Shannon does NOT recommend Foundations by Kate Nash as a good yoga class song 🙂

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001: How to Avoid Yoga Teacher Burnout with Erin Aquin

029: Creating Your About Me Page With Trevor Parks

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