045: Creating Content with Shannon Crow

Shannon is going solo today to share with you something that she is incredibly passionate about- content creation. Content creation includes Facebook and Instagram posts, newsletters and websites and even books. It allows your ideal client to get to know you and the services you offer.

As an entrepreneur, Shannon has learned much about content creation through trial and error. She understands how difficult to know where to start. As a yoga business consultant, she has worked with many yoga teachers looking to grow their businesses and has learned much about what has held them back. Shannon has found that many get stuck in the process of creating and/or sharing their content so if this sounds like you,  just know you are not alone.

Having worked with Shannon I can attest to her love of content creation and her knowledge of many social media platforms. Her intense curiosity keeps her informed of any emerging content platforms as well which lends itself to another passion of hers- sharing her knowledge with others. This episode is packed with information and inspiration to help you get started on creating your own content.

[6:05] Content creation didn’t always come easily for Shannon- was often scrambling

[6:55] Content creation became a Monday Morning Task

       What is content? It’s anything you are creating such as text, audio, or video or even a combination of the three. 2 examples of content:  1) A post on your Facebook page, perhaps you add an image 2) A book is an example of content created over a long period of time, even years.

[8:25] When you feel stuck

Some of the common reasons you feel blocked:

  1. Not feeling like enough of an expert
  2. Everything has been done before
  3. New technology needed to share like a mic for creating a video
  4. Time for creating content- feeling like your schedule is packed planning classes, other part-time or full-time jobs and family
  5. New to this (teaching and/or marketing) and not sure where to begin
  6. Wanting things to be better or perfect before sharing – a lot of fear around creating videos and sharing images
  7. No defined niche- harder to create posts without a strong point-of-view, they may feel like they don’t reflect your work
  8. Afraid to put your opinions / photos / video / writing out there – a fear that what you share will be picked apart
  9. Not sure which platform is best – at a standstill with indecision, or attempting to post on as many as you can when starting with one and doing it well
  10. Looking for an immediate reaction from a post- posting an article you have been working on and barely anyone likes it or looks at it can be discouraging

[14:55] Five Keys of Content Creation:

[15:05] 1. Consistency

Some examples of consistent content are a weekly podcast, Facebook posts that you can schedule, monthly or weekly newsletters. People count on it and are reminded of you and your offering. Make space for content creation- perhaps Monday Morning

[16:40] 2. What is the goal of your content?

Increase your email list? Get students to attend your class? Why are you sharing content? This key is often skipped, but it is the one that will give your content focus.

[18:55] 3. Quality content — what content do you gravitate towards? I love useful information and actionable steps

[21:20] Shawn’s 5 Content Tips

  1. Come up with a plan
  2. Don’t get stuck on one type of content
  3. Focus on quality over quantity
  4. Work with your interests and skills
  5. Add some randomness to your content

[23:20]  4a. Create Content

Writer’s block? Write down your ideas in one place – mind map, scribble, draw it out – you will be surprised when you are working paper to pen how the brain will come up with different ideas. Ask where and when you write best.

[24:20] Ideas for Content

  1. Your offerings
  2. Your calendar / schedule
  3. Resources e.g. books, music, props, quotes, any content that you are taking in
  4. Holidays & themes e.g. candlelight winter solstice yoga
  5. Write authentically your experience as a student
  6. Your experience as a yoga teacher or your personal story, written or video form for example
  7. Self-care share
  8. Your space where you teach or practice
  9. Yoga e.g. poses, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra through video, audio, photos or info
  10. Recipes e.g. yogi tea
  11. Curate content that has resonated with you e.g. books, articles written by others

[31:10] 4b. Call to Action

Are you asking people to do something? If so is it all the time? Aim for 20% of the time
80 / 20 rule -Amanda Bond talked to us about this on TCYT 031: Facebook Marketing for Teachers. For every 5 posts on social media have 1 call to action so you’re not asking people to sign up for your class on every post and providing great content gives them a chance to get to know you

[33:35] 5. Schedule, Share and Repurpose Your Content

On your own platform or take an article on website and share on an online publication, make sure to check rules but can often share articles from other sites. Build up a bank- have the option of re-posting depending on the platform.

[36:40] 5 Keys to Content Creation re-cap

[37:20] 5 Day Content Creation Challenge

[38:15] An actionable step you can take today to begin creating content

Write down 5 ideas for content creation and share one


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