Patricia Fasciotti - Grow Your Audience with a 5-Day ChallengeOn today’s unique episode Patricia Fasciotti shares her experience with a unique marketing strategy. The discussion transitions into a  consultation call with Shannon as she advises Patricia on how to move forward with social media marketing.

Patricia is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Nutrition Coach all under the name The Wellness Concierge.

Patricia wants to expand her online offerings as she has found this teaching format a great fit for her life. Patricia is a mother of 2 kids and is looking for a work-life balance that will allow her the financial freedom to spend more time with her children.

Patricia’s multi-faceted approach to wellness is a gift to her clients and in order for her to reach those who could benefit from her services Patricia decided to offer a free 5-day Wellness Challenge to current and potential clients.

Patricia outlines to Shannon how she approached this marketing strategy and the benefits of offering this challenge and what she learned from it.

Patricia is a down-to-earth, warm personality who openly shares what has (and hasn’t) worked for her in this process. Shannon, through consultation, helps Patricia move through the fear of marketing herself further on social media platforms.

[4:10] How Patricia got into yoga

[08:00] Patricia’s online class membership- The Yoga Suite

[09:35] The 5-day Wellness Challenge- a free offering that can be used to showcase your work to an audience

[10:20] How her 5-day Challenge works

[12:00] How Patricia prepared and marketed her 5-day challenge

[14:45] Caution around creating Facebook ads

[17:45] Patricia outlines Day 1 of Challenge and using Facebook Live

[20:00] Patricia’s first Facebook Live video experience

[21:50] Last day of 5-day Challenge- a time to celebrate and build excitement for an upcoming offering, offering prizes

[24:30] Benefits of having a Facebook group page

**Consultation Call**

[27:30] Patricia asks about her social media presence and marketing strategies moving forward

[28:50] Shannon asks Patricia what feedback she’s gotten from her clients

[30:10] Shannon asks if Patricia’s “Big Why” of her yoga offerings match with her clients’  “Big Why”

[31:40] If there is fear behind your hesitation to build your online presence with advice to move through the fear

[36:30] Shannon guides Patricia through fine-tuning her online yoga offerings

[37:20] Advice on deciding on number of clients to take on- limit on group numbers allows for more individualized attention and raising price for membership is valid, builds loyalty

[40:20] Look at your niche, ideal student and where your offerings have gained traction in the past

[45:00] Setting goals around getting new clients

[45:45] Recognizing and rewarding clients that are most engaged

[48:15]  Sharing your business offerings on your personal Facebook page

[49:05] One-minute videos, the importance of relatability in videos

[50:30] Setting a goal for putting videos on Youtube

[52:55] Closing thoughts with Shannon


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