Today’s episode is unique in that instead of one featured guest we have seven!  Shannon reached out looking to answer a question asked on The Connected Teacher Facebook Group: What advice would you give your new teacher self?

Thoughtful and beautiful reflections were recorded by 7 yoga teachers who passed them on to Shannon so she could share with all of you while reflecting on her own experiences as a yoga teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training. What would you tell your new teacher self?

[3:15] Betsy Brockett

[4:45] Jamie Grollman

[6:25] Kristina Kelly

[9:25] Catherina Espinoza

[10:55] Amanda Kingsmith

[13:15] Lisa Zaehringer

[15:30] Allie Bright

[17:40] Shannon shares other advice from The Connected Yoga Teachers Facebook Group


To get in touch with featured yoga teachers:

Betsy Brockett

Betsy’s Website

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Jamie Grollman

Jamie’s Website

Kristina Kelly

Kristina’s Website– Get Moving Fitness

Balanced Breath Studio Facebook Page

Catherina Espinoza

Catherina’s Website– Tu Espacio Yoga

Tu Espacio Yoga on Facebook

Amanda Kingsmith

Amanda’s Website– M.B.Om (Mastering the Business of Yoga)

Mastering the Business of Yoga Instagram

Lisa Zeahringer

Lisa’s Website– Synchronicity Wellness
Lisa on Facebook – Synchronicity Wellness

Allie Bright

Allie’s Website– Bright Java

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The Connected Teacher Facebook Group

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