Not #CrushingIt is Okay


Rachel East is a Certified Professional Coach and co-founder of Clarity on Fire with her business partner and best friend Kristen Walker.


Clarity on Fire Coaching was created based on Rachel and Kristen’s experiences with mind-numbing, unfulfilling work and their unwillingness to accept the status quo.


The coaching is geared towards millennials “who know what they don’t want but don’t know what they’d rather be doing”, which was how they felt coming out of college.


Rachel majored in Communications and Public Relations because she knew it was where she would flourish. When she graduated she gladly took a job she was offered as it was tough time economically (after the 2008 recession), and there was a lot of fear surrounding employment.


Rachel found her position as an Events and Promotions Co-ordinator wasn’t ultimately something she cared deeply about. In figuring out what she did want led her to pursue life coaching.  It encompassed many of her passions including self-development and therapy.


The Passion Profile Quiz that Clarity on Fire developed helps uncover your passion (the content) as well as how it can be expressed in your ideal working environment (the context).


Rachel coaches a lot of self-defined perfectionists that are feeling burnt out. There is a mindset in society that we need to be busy to be worthy. Almost everyone struggles with this notion which is why Rachel’s message is so important.


Have no fear if you like your free time, don’t want to build an empire, aren’t a huge fan of social media, or, as Rachel puts it, you don’t want to be a #girlboss or ‘crush it’. There are many ways to approach being a successful entrepreneur.


Rachel’s wrote her blog post Confession: I Have No Desire to be a #girlboss out of frustration when she was feeling burnt out. There was a strong response from people from various professional backgrounds.  She knew that she had hit on something that many felt but few articulated as it isn’t a prevalent societal attitude. Rachel and those who responded to her post discussed defining success and passion for yourself and adhering to your values to discover a working environment that will lead to personal fulfilment.


[12:10] Rachel’s professional journey leading her to Clarity on FIre


[15:25] Question from Julia, a member of The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group about passion and fulfilment


[19:50] Quality vs. Quantity- how focusing on numbers can negatively impact your business and outlook


[21:05] Re-defining what success means to you


[23:55] Authenticity has a bigger impact than presenting an airbrushed image


[24:55] Rachel’s blog post Confession: I Have No Desire to be a #girlboss and how it resonated with so many


[28:15] How strong boundaries give you freedom as an entrepreneur


[29:30] Business is one aspect of your life, avoid co-dependence. Our job and ourselves are two separate things.


[33:15] How Rachel defines passion


[35:15] Looking at your job as a journey, not a destination. The danger of grasping too tightly, resisting evolving, growing, or even pursuing a different career path.


[39:00] Knowing the difference between the ‘fertile void’ and being afraid of putting yourself out there- fear vs. intuition.


[43:05] The Passion Profile Quiz


[44:40] Understanding your time and money values

[52:05] Setting limits in your business to suit your personality




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