Shannon is very excited to have her friend Shai Plonski on the podcast who also happens to be her very first Thai Yoga Massage teacher.

Shannon and Shai know from experience that Thai Massage can enhance a yoga teacher’s offerings in a multitude of ways such as building a stronger bond with their students, strengthening their hands-on assists,  and providing new workshop and revenue opportunities.

In 2001 Shai came to realize that he was not content to work behind a desk and felt a calling to do something more meaningful, connected to the spirit, and to his hands.

Working for a carnival at the Jersey Shore for the summer to earn money for University had Shai working at a booth making wax molds of people’s hands. He has carried the feeling of this experience with him, having found the connection and trust he had to establish within seconds profound. The power of touch has been a major theme in Shai’s life ever since.

Another seed was planted when Shai travelled to Asia. He was intrigued by the practice and was eventually exposed to Thai Massage when volunteering at the Omega Institute.  A teacher invited him to sit in on her class and he saw that the practice blended so many principles that mattered to him like connection, compassion,  and the healing power of touch.

Shai’s passion for sharing the practice with others over the past 15 years has led him to teach at some of the largest yoga centers in Toronto and around the world.

He has also authored or co-authored 15 manuals and books on the practice of Thai massage, trained over 3300 practitioners and 100 teachers in this healing art and is the founder of the Still Light Centre.

[9:40] Shai’s journey into Thai Yoga Massage

[15:05] Shai’s first exposure to Thai Massage through a workshop

[16:20] What makes Thai Yoga Massage unique?

[16:50] 3 Principles of Thai Yoga Massage

[17:25] Shai’s brand new book – Compassionate Touch

[19:20] How Thai Yoga Massage can compliment your yoga business

[21:30] Metta – loving kindness and compassion

[23:55] Complementary to Yin, gentle and restorative yoga classes and yoga retreats

[27:05] Meditative nature of Thai Yoga Massage

[28:00] Still Light Centre teaching style

[30:50] How to learn Thai Yoga Massage

[37:50] How Shai got his name

[41:30] Bringing Thai Massage into your home

[43:35] Massage is a norm in some cultures and families


Still Light Centre

Compassionate Touch: Giving Massage for Optimal Health, Thriving Relationships & Spiritual Awakening  by Shai Plonski

Gentle Yoga with Thai Massage Assists  at Tone Studio, Owen Sound, Ontario

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