Have you struggled with the business side of yoga? Most yoga teachers do, fearing that selling themselves is ‘icky’ or maybe not in line with the principles of yoga.


Amanda Kingsmith works with yoga teachers to break through these financial blocks. As a yoga teacher with a business studies background, she is the perfect coach for those struggling with their money mindsets, business terminology, and seeing the worth of their services.


Amanda is an enthusiastic world traveller who is keen on avoiding the tough Alberta winters. She has travelled to over 50 countries and 6 continents. From her first yoga teacher training in Bali, she was hooked. When she began teaching she struggled to shape her yoga business to make a living (despite her business background) and wondered if maybe others were struggling too.


This led Amanda to create the M.B.OM (Mastering the Business of Yoga) podcast, which has 60 + episodes to its name. She decided she would ask those whose businesses she admired her many questions. Instead of asking them out for coffee, she decided to produce a podcast and share the wisdom she gleaned with others.


Amanda also coaches yoga teachers in business matters and writes with a passion. Check out some of her writing on M.B.OM and on her own website.


[9:15] Amanda’s yoga journey


[11:25] Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.OM) Podcast


[14:40] Struggles Amanda hears most often


[14:55] Letting go of what you think you “should” do


[15:20] Being intentional with your business and what you want from your YTT, what do you want out of this yoga career, try many things but at the end of the day do what feels right and makes you happy


[16:40] Meditate, journal or reflect in a way that works for you. Consider the many paths there are to choose from, some that may have never been travelled.


[17:20] Do you need yoga to be a business?


[18:40] Mixing business with yoga; an often uncomfortable aspect for yoga teachers.  Do you consider what you do a business? Work on reframing your perspective on selling your services in order to move away from unsavoury sales stereotypes


[20:00] “Sales funnel”- putting yourself out there and what you have to offer (newsletters, social media, etc.) in a way that is low pressure and encourages your clients to access your services


[23:05] Reframing business terms for the yoga industry, learning what they mean and how they can help you run your business with an understanding that you can work in the yoga industry using ethical business practices and that honours karmic and yogic principles


[24:15] How can yoga teachers work towards a healthy money mindset? How to work as a full-time yoga teacher, for example, and live a comfortable way and feel good about making income from yoga.


[26:15] Being afraid to charge enough money for your classes can leave you feeling burnt out and resentful.


[28:55] What are the most powerful marketing tools for yoga teachers?




           -social media


-business cards (carry your card and perhaps others for referrals)

-speaking/ networking


[44:15] What does Amanda wish she knew as a new yoga teacher? What is imposter syndrome? The danger of comparing yourself to others.


[46:35] How to work with Amanda




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