Kathryn Bruni-Young is a mover, educator and creator. She grew up studying yoga with her mother (Diane Bruni) which organically shifted into teaching yoga classes and workshops together.


Kathryn Bruni-Young has been a yoga and movement teacher for the last 10 years.  She suffered from repetitive strain injuries and turned to physiotherapists, personal trainers and other experts from other movement disciplines to create her own teaching style.


Inspired by all she gained from her strength training education. Kathryn founded the Mindful Strength Center, (formerly known as the Cornwall Yoga Studio). Mindful Strength blends strength, mobility and mindfulness. Kathryn leads teacher training, online courses, and workshops throughout Canada and Europe.


Kathryn is being drawn to the world of Trauma Training and has been influenced by those doing research in this field. She is truly a woman with many facets who is excited to share all she has learned to enrich the lives of others.


[7:45] Kathryn’s Yoga Journey


[10:00] Benefits of strength training


[12:05] Balance of flexibility and strength training


[15:15] Do we need to go to the gym? “Sensory sensitivity”


[17:55] Examples of strength training at home


[19:00] How to modify push-ups


[20:15] Does Kathryn still call herself a yoga teacher?


[22:05] Rotator cuff injury


[25:30] Kathryn’s library of IG posts


[26:50] Strength training for repetitive strain-totally different movement


[28:25] Muscles and fascia and their response to load


[28:55] Variety of strength training options


[29:45] How should a yoga teacher start incorporating strength training into their lives?


[31:20] How to find a strengthening mentor, even as a kickstart to your training


[31:50] Working on your own using YouTube videos, books starting with simple movements


[32:45] Working with various professionals (physios, trainers, etc.) even a couple of times to get the ball rolling, get some basic information


[33:25] Importance of having variety in strength training so it is well-rounded and balanced so you’re not doing repetitive movement in this area


[33:55] Practice movement on your own before incorporating it into your classes


[35:00] How to work with Kathryn- new online courses available


[37:40] Kathryn’s mindful strength class layout


[41:55] How to add strengthening to a more traditional yoga class


[44:45] What she calls her classes and how her students reacted to the introduction of strength training into her yoga classes- key slowly building strength into the class


[50:10] Your unique yoga offering cannot be replicated


[51:05] Her first certified training with Ito Portal -not beginner friendly but lots of great insight


[52:00] Trauma training (somatic experiencing) in the strength building field-


[53:20] Kathryn’s Yoga Teacher Training offerings and an Online Mindful Teacher Training is in the works!



Kathryn’s Website


Kathryn on Instagram


Yoga Journal Article: The Future of Yoga: 15 Millennial Yoga Teachers to Watch


Trauma Healing Training founded by Peter Levine


Trauma Center at Justice Resort Institute founded by Bessel Van Der Kolt

Life coach – Barb Elias


Personal trainer – Miranda Smit


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