Puja Madan was living in India on a 12+ year ritual journey with yoga and meditation when in 2009, she felt intense abdominal pain while attending a yoga class. Following up with a doctor, she discovered that she had a large fibroid tumour. Puja says this was her “aha moment”. Her medical issue was a catalyst for change as Puja determined her work life was less than fulfilling.  Feeling drawn to another path, she moved from India to the US. She went from using her MBA to work for tech startups to creating her own coaching business.

With warmth and humour, Puja shares her vision to teach women in leadership positions.  She wants women to know that they hold value beyond what they accomplish in a tangible form. Puja wants women to stop measuring themselves against the expectations of society in order to nurture and appreciate their complex selves. Puja believes that beginning and end of day rituals can be a powerful means of honouring your many facets.

As Puja says on her Puja’s Wild Radiant Woman Website: “I spark the unseen potential and feminine power of visionary women to be the change agents the world so desperately needs.” She believes strongly in a balance of yin and yang energy in leadership positions and is pleased to see the old values and systems designed for men are evolving to incorporate feminine values such as mindfulness and collaboration.

Puja is currently living in Orlando, Florida, holding in-person retreats and playshops. She also coaches women from around the world via Skype and does talks, inspiring many. Additionally, she is the bestselling co-author of Unleash Your Inner Magnificence and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul and the author of articles in several publications such as MindBodyGreen, The Huffington Post, and ElephantJournal.

[8:10] Puja’s yoga story

[11:10] Embracing a new value system as entrepreneurs based on mindfulness, collaboration, and self-care

[15:30] Rituals and mindfulness while you grow your business- personal energy and boundaries are deeply rooted in

[17:00] Start of day self-care ritual

Every being is made of 4 rooms: step into your 4 Rooms each day to at least air them

  1. Physical e.g. smoothies, quick workout
  2. Mental e.g. gratitude, thinking about priorities
  3. Emotional  e.g. text a friend, connecting one person to another
  4. Spiritual e.g. meditate, nature, pets, connected to something bigger than you

Setting intentions for the day: a word or phrase that guides you that you can return to

[19:15] Daily word / intention / mantra, Puja likes to do it right after meditation, awareness to it and

Today’s top priorities- top 3 things and do these first

[22:30] If you feel like you don’t have time to fit in self-care- where are you leaking energy non-revenue generating activities, 23 minutes to come back in zone, it is possible to re-organize your business and personal priorities to create more time

[25:10] How a personal practice can impact our relationships – at home and at work

[26:55] End of day rituals:

  1. Clear the desk
  2. Make a list to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments
  3. Meditation for closure of day
  4. Set intention for tomorrow

Reducing forms of clutter- emails, computer desktop, etc.

[34:05] How to connect with Puja

[34:55] Middle of workday – regular check-ins: Are you feeling grounded? Holding onto any stress?

[35:25] Running a yoga business with the entrepreneur mindset, seperate mindset from teaching yoga.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Ghandi


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