Today’s episode is a consultation call with Trevor Parks, who is a yoga teacher from Covington, Georgia. He teaches classes that are inspired by his Ashtanga teacher training and weaves philosophical themes, pranayama, meditation, chanting and music through his classes.

Trevor’s introduction to yoga did little to inspire his now deep connection to the practice.  He was deterred by the very aspects that he now embodies such as abstract spiritual thought and poetic language. In time, Trevor returned to yoga when looking for answers about himself and the world around him.

Trevor shares that yoga is everything to him. He is either studying yoga philosophy, sequences, or doing his own practice.

After over 7 years practicing and over 3 years teaching, Trevor is at the point where he’d like put himself out into cyberspace in order to attract students compatible with his teachings and has asked Shannon to help him with his ‘About Me’ page for his website.

Trevor has so much he wants to say and needs some help putting all his thoughts into words that will connect with his potential students.

Shannon discusses:

  • imagining your ideal yoga student and directing your message towards them
  • allowing yourself to be vulnerable and authentic in telling your story and what led you to yoga
  • giving potential clients a really good sense of what to expect in your classes, including language that you use in your classes
  • creating a unique tagline that draws others in form of a sentence or even just a few words
  • limiting the write-up to a few paragraphs
  • including testimonials and how to ask for them from your students
  • if there is more you want to say but don’t want to overwhelm your “About Me” page you can always include it in a blog post on your page



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Book that inspired Trevor to pursue yoga: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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