Shannon welcomes Carol Cox, the founder of Speaking Your Brand and who we can safely say is an expert speaker.

Carol engages her audience through various mediums including her podcasts, University classes and as a tv political analyst.

Speaking Your Brand’s services are aimed at women in business who are looking to develop their brand. Carol explains that through authentic engagement and clarifying your purpose you can connect with those who will most benefit from your services.

She shares her insights into successful public speaking, which may be something you have never considered as a yoga teacher.

Carol discusses the benefits of public speaking and graciously provides us with PDF worksheets: Step-By-Step Framework to Persuade Your Audience to Action which take you through the process of preparing a talk. From “Find Your Why” to “Outline Your Persuasive Message” the steps will ensure you’re thoroughly prepared for your public speaking debut.

[5:10] Carol’s relationship with yoga

[6:35] Mindful practices that she engages before public speaking- it is normal to be nervous!

[8:00] Clarifying your Core Message

[15:00] Finding your Niche

[20:00] Public speaking- often an untapped area in the yoga profession

[22:50] Tools to craft a speech- your “signature talk”

[24:25] How much self-promotion can or should be included in the talk?

[26:50] Storytelling and engaging your audience on a personal level

[29:30] Should there be a line between political and personal beliefs and your professional life?

[33:45] Carol’s last words of wisdom

[35:40] Shannon’s closing thoughts


Carol’s Website: Speaking Your Brand

PDF:  Step-By-Step Framework to Persuade Your Audience to Action by Carol Cox

Podcast: Speaking Your Brand or search and subscribe on iTunes

To help you write your own story arc:

PDF: The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey Outline by Storytech Literary Consulting

Course: Define Your Yoga Niche Workshop with Shannon Crow

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“If your message is for everyone it really is for no one”- Carol Cox